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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 31, 2015

Zombies and Ghouls

Zombies gather in force to feed off you and take you down by making you just like them. They argue it is inevitable, and unless you resist and triumph, you will end up like them - zombified They are undead and swarm in lumbering packs to feast on blood, flesh, and fast food. They are immune to reason and unconcerned with what will come in the future. Even the present barely penetrates consciousness.

They don't know truth or concern themselves with it, liberating them to become fully actualized zombies unified in form and function.

They slowly and methodically surround you to afford little escape. From a distance it is difficult to detect the newly infected whose innards gurgle with brewing disease and will soon be staring at screens and hungrily consuming trivialities.

The bite of a zombie is frightful. Your one and only appearance as a conscious and self-organizing entity comes to an end. For evermore, you will plod and meander for mere sustenance using barbaric utilitarianism.

Oversocialization leads to simpletonism in subservience to a consciousness unable to escape the gravitational pull of entertainment reality in its circular orbit.

Zombie armies insist they are trapped, and then make it so, pursuing peasant hedonism and spreading pestilence far and wide.

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