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  October 30, 2015

Political Fiction

In democracy, ruled subjects are given little insight into the reasoning or expected results of laws and policies created by the ruling class. It's difficult to determine what leaders are trying to accomplish and what theories they are using. All we see is that their approaches are calculated to fool dummies and saddle them with long-term loss.

Strange initiatives keep the public off balance so they have to guess about the motives of the leaders, especially as most political actions cause increasingly bad results.

Like political science (poli-sci) and science fiction (sci-fi), we make use of political fiction (poli-fi) to explore possibilities.

As there is little substantial proof that our rules are a wicked alien shape-shifting lizard race intent of destroying humanity, we look at alternative explanations for their harmful policies.

We only have history and observed results, so must use those to understand similar current actions.

  • Politicians often use public money to win votes for themselves or the party, funding schemes that help their demographic and cost their opponent's demographic, ideally for generations.
  • Politicians benefit by creating disorder because it necessitates increased political and personal power to fix the problem they created. The bigger the problem created, the more need for government power.
  • Politicians change demographics to create a favorable voting block and more easily manipulated populations.
  • Preventing unity is beneficial because it gives politicians more power in the absence of a culture that has been euthanized. Without a culture, values, or standards, laws and lawmakers run the show, not citizens.
  • Politicians are experts at symbolic actions and rarely take effective actions, taking credit for coincidental events and shirking responsibility for their misdeeds and blunders. They do not have a history of solving actual problems.
  • They are not deep thinkers. Most are a combination of sociopaths and parasites who primarily repeat doctrine popular with crowds. They find a way to appeal to groups who want to hear their beliefs of how the world works repeated back at them. These groups are failures and know little, and politicians happily tell them the lies they crave.
In the absence of disclosed reason for the policies they force on the public, we use reason and study previous efforts to determine likely outcomes, though we still have imperfect access to the motivating force of their wickedness.

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