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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 10, 2015

Abolishing Graffiti

They claim to be artists, but create art no one wants to see -- and then claim they are not vandals, though they have vandalized a building to make it ugly with idiotic text.

Graffiti uglifies. Its messages convey trivial thoughts, stupidities, and dishonest ideology in place of normal civilization. Michelangelo with a spraycan could not do more with graffiti than create another public eyesore.

Urban farming is better than anarchic planting of ditch weed, though both suffer from utilitarian thinking.

Better still is activist landscaping to thoughtfully cultivate a beautiful, vivid environment that makes your community feel wonderful.

Politicians have to take some risk when enacting policies that destroy healthy communities, for example designating them as "sanctuary cities" for third-world standardization. The primary advantage gained by adding a mess of illiterate, unskilled third world people is to create power for government by crafting situations that require help from government to manage new problems created by the addition of an incompatible population.

By preventing problems rather than constructing new ones, we reclaim our public spaces from nuisances and make our communities into places in which we enjoy living.

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