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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 25, 2015

Leaf Blowers

Blowing dust into the air is not helpful He stands with a gas powered weapon in hand, staid and purposeful with his steely gaze hidden behind dark sunglasses.

He strides forward, pointing his blower alternatively left and right to clear away everything before him, discharging it into a swarming suspended dust cloud to choke privileged first-world citizens who were taught by bigots that their heritage and culture entitles them to clean air, and probably clean water too.

The enforcer neutralizes inequality by vibrantly stirring tired dust and debris previously assumed to be settled. By putting particulate matter back in play, new vital potency is interjected as this tremendous labor arouses the economy with its innovation.

Who will man the leaf blowers if these people are sent back to their native lands as the law requires? Which is not to denigrate the urgent need to also import unskilled illiterate women who are just as crucial to the future of advanced societies whose success is dependent on highly educated and intelligent populations, especially as robotics replaces trivial labor.

They are technological to the extent of using technology other people created, and too lazy to use the rakes and brooms that are appropriate for their task.

It's hard to think who would hold the blowers and produce this noise and fumes if not these brave people, or to remember how things were before blower warriors became a fixture.

Immigration Sources

Those trying to force demographic change would prefer we don't think about the consequences of this approach or remember the type of society before they turned it into this. But the unruly were too loud, and now will be replaced by a group that votes loyally for empty promises and patiently waits for a growing government to inefficiently distribute the wealth earned by other people.

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