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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 4, 2015

Feminism Inhibits, Hinders, and Murders the Soul

Many rape survivors, which makes sense because rape rarely kills. When I was growing up, feminism was not yet an absolutist doctrine with government support, nor taught in schools and enforced by a nanny state taking taxpayer money to fund its premises. It was then just a pesky and persistent ideology that nagged the good natured into complying with coercive pandering demands for preferential treatment as a class of victims.

At the time, feminists were only one more special interest group whose adherents claimed unique demographic rights, arguing they needed protection because they were weak, suffering, unstable, and incapable of securing their needs and competing on equal ground.

Polite people considered the possibility that this group was as impaired as they claimed, and with pity often took effort to treat them gently. Like acknowledging Kwanzaa without snickering, and trying to look away from consequences of imposed diversity no one wants, why not treat yet another special group as they profess to be?

Feminism teaches men to treat women as nuns, sterile scientists, or homeless degenerates incapable of earning a living -- and to avoid having fun with them, engaging them or enjoying them, and especially to never act upon attraction and become partners rather than enemies.

Yet these rules are inevitably broken by an excess of aroused passion, the very passion they strive to kill by rules of distance and complication, with playful joy erupting despite explicit banishment. Once tasted and proven right, you learn to trust your instincts fully as they always do everything they should, in direct contravention of feminism's rules against men and women sharing delight in one another.

Trying to make sense of its anger, you catch feminism in the act of turning beautiful and spirited women into vengeful bitter witches aggrieved by repeated stories of secret oppression and conspiracies against them. Though each desired the other in all times previous, feminism turns men and women against one another so it can isolate and harvest the woman for use as a foot soldier for its ideology. The family had to be overthrown, then love, reproduction, sexuality, and even nature for the crime of being too hierarchical. Children had to be politicized, propagandized, and enlisted for the cause, consequences bedamned.

Just as innocents were indoctrinated into this strange cult, its followers don't strongly believe its fantastic worldview and can be easily swayed from it by exposure to reality.

We show women a way back to the delights of concord and affection - against the wishes of their leaders and a depressing belief system that tries to starve them of kindness and appreciation.

Instinct sets all things in motion so they can unfold. Judgment acts as an amiable dance partner following the lead of instinct, trying to understand why things move as they do. Reason only later gains insight into the natural, and only when not swayed by ego or ideology.

Your joke is too bawdy. You are too forward in conversation. You make intimate contact too quickly. You fail to pay lip service to popular lies and pretenses.

These offenses and many others are against the rules, but honesty, nature, and desire will earn you the sweetest fruits of a woman's affection. This teaches preference for being an outlaw to get what you want instead of waiting for handouts in the barren, dusty dungeon of the dominant paradigm.

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