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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 17, 2015

Tolerance for the Freak Show

Throw your trash anywhere you feel like it, as it is your right and no one can stop your free expression to make your mark on the world Littering is a bizarre behavior that should need no signs or law for its prohibition, as its consequences and imposition should be obvious. Its proper punishment should be exile or execution, as the act of littering definitively demonstrates disregard for society and willingness to create new messes for others to clean up so that someone without patience and discipline can enjoy the convenience of throwing trash out of their window.

But it could be well argued that we should tolerate and embrace littering. After all, it's just individual expression that harms no one, and in any case it's impossible to judge another person's behavior, especially when tolerance is more important than consideration of results.

Littering is a victimless crime. No one has ever died from littering. The act of littering is between the litterer and the ground, so there's no need for state involvement.

Trash was born to be thrown away, not cloistered by bossy hegemonic waste management overlords trying to sell you 50 gallon bags that don't exist in nature. No animal uses trash bags, as the whole of nature is a giant public trash dump, yet the artificial social construct of so-called trash bags is imposed upon humans.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that people still express litterphobic and cistrash opinions in public. Perhaps it is proof that our educational system and social justice campaigns to indoctrinate with the correct opinions and punish opposing ideas needs more vigor and violence to stifle those who think for themselves and pathetically cling to reality.

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