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  June 15, 2015

Directing a Machine

Stradivari put into public service as a living standard Modernity accustoms citizens to giving up half of their income to fund systems that act against their interests, but paying for the enemy's war efforts was not the case just two generations ago. The wealthy endowed institutions to support traditional excellence, for example donating books of antiquity, filling museums with classical works of genius, or funding university chairs or departments devoted to the study of 19th century philosophy.

No rebel can compete with classical works, not even government funded art. The modern art wing is an embarrassment that provokes a combination of laughter and depression after visitors realize the works were not recently vandalized by a graffiti rampage, but exist in their original form.

"This collection of instruments belongs to every one of you, for they are given to our government to hold and protect forever. They may be heard in concerts held in the library, and through the medium of the radio, by an even larger audience. If the appreciation and enjoyment of music in America will be advanced thereby, the purpose of my gift will have been fulfilled."
[Gertrude Clarke Whittall, upon donating five Stradivari instruments to the Library of Congress.]

Its important to steer public institutions to act on behalf of what is great instead of what is inferior and hopeless. Government can be used to enforce excellence without reacting to mendacious agitation and the misrepresentations of petty rebels advancing their personal interests.

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