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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 20, 2015

Taught Helplessness

If you try to stop the impossible, you will expend energy for no result. Those who promote this method and tell you it is important are either insane or diabolical for taking away years of your life attempting what no one could ever do. The purpose of crazy slogans ("stop sexual assault", "stop war", "stop elder abuse") is to frustrate with powerlessness, much like the purpose of communism and related ideologies is to humiliate by means of compelling obedience to a false oath.

Even with 99% consensus on stopping sexual assault, war, and elder abuse none of these would become less infrequent, as almost no one instigates or defends these activities. Producing slogans urging people to stop these acts is a fraud.

When real problems linger deep, it is good to distract by proposing a pre-fabricated answer that is impossible for anyone to achieve or contribute towards in the slightest way, other than to claim support.

Those who perform violent acts to achieve ends they desire cannot be reasoned with into preemptive renunciation of their methods or aims, nor could any citizen patrol become aware of imminent violent actions to stop them once a transgressive act becomes apparent.

No one can do a thing to stop sexual assault, short of instructing others in combat skills and weapon training. And if you are not fervently teaching martial arts and weapon use, clearly you are not serious about stopping sexual assault. If you will not help, then who will? Your reluctance to help innocents means they become victims, and therefore you are part of the problem until you join this sensible campaign to stop sexual assault rather than promote it or allow it to gain momentum and increased popularity.

These slogans attract people with big hearts, and then spin them crazy as they attempt to do the impossible, ultimately draining their energy, making them disgusted with humanity, and appealing for governments to seize more power from citizens to control nature and illusions.

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