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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 3, 2015

Sensitivity and Triggering

When dealing with people of European heritage, one must keep in mind that in the last 50 years the changes imposed on them have deprived them of family, friends, neighbors, and the civilization they created, effectively exiling them in an island-type seclusion where they remain without contact with warm souls or any level of society beyond the trivial or transactional. In this state of spiritual poverty, they are trapped alone to consume entertainment products and self-medicate, drifting progressively further away from health and sanity. With no one capable of maintaining it, everything their ancestors created slowly grows decrepit and will soon be lost.

Out of this trauma, they are accustomed to reacting against a fictional world spawned from the madness of their lonely vacuum. When making contact, you must assess their psychological soundness and motives for telling you anything in order to rehabilitate their reactions and assumptions in stated goals that are wildly off course. Trying to fix their faulty reasoning will not help their problem -- their emotional tantrum is the core damage that must be addressed. Once health and purpose are restored, sensibility will naturally return as well.

But first you have to get past their depressive haze and paranoid aggression that wishes revenge on any convenient target. It is not trying to solve problems -- it is a wounded animal lashing out.

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