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  March 2, 2015

Secular Churches

Transforming universities from institutions of knowledge into secular churches of ideology disregards the accumulated wisdom of civilization in favor of specious assertions resulting from mental illness, resentment, envy, and feelings of inferiority.

It attempts to divert young minds to ideology, callously converting them into apologists, crusaders, and loyal liars on its behalf. They'll gradually grow angry as they try in vain to use its recipes to cheat and supplant reality by aggressively repeating the premises, theories, and conclusions of a system -- all invented as a way for a leader to gain power by using followers spreading its erroneous ideas. Their best efforts to wield this ideology as a navigational tool will leave them frustrated when it changes nothing, and most will double down on their ideology in hopes of gaining its promised reward.

Ideology is the gentlest and kindest control mechanism. When a student points out a logical flaw or lack of connection to reality, they are asked to retract their statement, open their mind to the wonderful truth of the enlightened ideology, and not to disrupt the class by pointing out errors of beliefs that all good people accept without question.

In a cult, this type of control is understandable so the doctrine is never closely scrutinized and the cult leader's sex party isn't interrupted. For young people trying to learn about the world and the civilization that is theirs to inherit, teaching nonsense with demonstrably false and dim-witted constructs is a terrible disservice -- doubly so when they are paying for the privilege despite originally intending to obtain a factually based education.

The process of ideological teaching is conventional.
  • Teach the ideology as modern and enlightened. Praise its followers as brilliant for obeying its doctrine.
  • Mention other ideologies as old and unenlightened. Condemn those who see other approaches as more realistic and producing better results.
  • Misrepresent the ideas and successes of other ideologies. Slander alternatives and encourage avoiding them, even if they remain technically legal to examine.
  • Claim great successes of your ideology, even if there are just a few coincidental individual examples and great collective misery. Call your ideology innovative and a work of genius, even if it was tried and failed long ago because it is incorrect and harmful.
  • Promote the ideology's popularity as more important than the inveracity of its claims or its damage to civilization.

Religious-based education is bad, but still allows a small percent of people to use its metaphors toward a deeper understanding, which is the original purpose for which religions were invented. Ideological based education teachings fail to achieve any positive gain despite their claims of beneficent intent, and in practice are observed promoting bitter grievances, conspiracy claims, false notions of nature, undesirable social goals, disharmony, distrust, vengeance, and bad motives.

Ideology and its narratives have aggressively stretched beyond any legitimate aims as they infiltrated healthy institutions, overreaching and leaning too far to remain stable, consequently making themselves absurd and unbelievable. The next wave of students will denounce institutional lies and NEVER FORGET this outburst of madness and superstition.

Restoring the gods would restore a healthy outlet for superstitious instincts and prevent secular churches from trying to pad its pews through unscrupulous means that leave lasting scars on the minds of youth.

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