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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 1, 2015

MMA as Reality Check

Those who love reality find joy in the simplicity of direct unadulterated truth.

Those who hate reality seek protective shelter in complicated subterfuge that prohibits examination and confrontation.

You don't get to hide in a fight, and you can't keep the world away with clever social constructs. You must prevail over an opponent who is trying to prevail over you. These dynamics are baffling to the educated who make their living in bubbles of manipulation and compliance.

MMA is a high stakes strategy game like chess, except errors are punished with repeated punches to the head, strangulation, or limb overextention.

Many strategies can be honed to craft a winning career. You can play by going slowly and methodically to dissemble an opponent a piece at a time, strike aggressively to collapse him all at once, overload with feigns and surprise gambits, exhaust by pushing a pace the opponent can't sustain, or focus on a particular weakness for a submission opportunity.

The game isn't personal and actions don't impart intent. You might be punched in the head as a normal course of sparring, a knock out attempt, or just so that you move your arms to defend against punching so that the opponent can wage an attack on the moved arms. After the contest, most fighters will wipe off the blood and honorably shake hands or exchange a friendly embrace. They've experienced a great battle and appreciate their opponent's effort with empathetic awareness of what it entailed.

Those unwilling to engage in violence will also fail to understand its language and nuanced truths, relegating themselves to talking about a world of fictional conditions and relations that don't actually exist.

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