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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 9, 2015

Creating Privilege

Those who lack privilege are envious of those who have it.

Privilege is established through a track record of repetitive success and allegiance to high standards, showing that one is not an actor of low character merely talking and posturing about what they can't deliver. The mental health of society depends on privilege because it's rewarding to help the smart and active, and depressing to have your time or perfectly good resources wasted on people whose instinct is to predictably squander it.

The privileged have developed themselves beyond the trivial.

Where the unprivileged react to situations with expressive outbursts and frustration, the privileged quietly use reason and effective action to solve problems by first understanding their causes and then sensibly driving a situation to desirable ends.

The envious wish all were equal in dysfunction and incapability so that none would move beyond those conditions. They are angrier still that some know how to avoid failure and its agents -- and refuse to invest in schemes that won't work.

The non-privileged want what the privileged have created for themselves, through the non-privileged tend to do little more than demand their right to be given what others have created.

It is wise to create privilege by taking considered action and demonstrating one will not be a failure like the others, unless you know that is how your plans will end up.

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