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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 31, 2015

Working the Details

First I noticed her long and exquisite red hair from behind, and then I needed to see her face. It was pale and well featured with a perfectly straight nose, bright eyes, adorable mouth, and high cheeks, all indicating she was healthy and athletic. She wore a fashionable tight gray ribbed dress, with which you could see that her youth, good eating habits, and vigorous exercise had crafted a luscious body promising joy and durability.

As I scanned her to quickly surmise all this, she immediately noticed my curiosity and lithely came towards me to see what I'd do. We hadn't yet spoken and it was already clear that we were abandoning conventional flirting. While it's wise to not meet standards that accurately describe how most people fail, the real measure of all things is matching the essence of an organic principle rather than conforming to social tropes. In flirting, nature pulls men and women into a dance of chase to draw out details that ascertain the essence of one another, ideally revealing characteristics the other recognizes as attractive. If we peak too early from desire for what we wish to believe the revealed crumbs indicate, we'll love wildly and deeply in a few weeks of smoldering passion, or longer if desperately entranced by chimera, and soon enough the bottom falls out one day when desire's hunger is temporarily sated and in a moment of clarity the governing will surveys the state of the whole and discovers it has pursued an illusion lacking the substance the sensitive hippie dreamer character of spirit imagined would be found.

With nothing exchanged except our considered gaze, she cuddled next to me like a kitten, turned her eyes affectionately towards mine, and spoke with a voice like nectar, the perfect model of feminine allure. Who would not want to enjoy this bliss for the next twenty years?

It was then that I realized her genius was paying attention to important details and doing the grueling preliminary work so she could later present her cultivated results. From the way she exhibited her face in its best light and had taken care to dress a body that she had cultivated with smart eating and devoted exercise, she was displaying her well constituted essence nurtured to its finest condition.

Where some women work from a mindset of negativity that tries to hide flaws with makeup, push-up bras, and shapewear, she instead accentuated and developed her gifts, removing flaws and deficiencies by demonstrating her achievement of fitness rather than its cheap surface imitation.

Her apartment was clean and thoughtfully arranged, neither messy nor hiding junk away in an effort to make a good false impression. This simplicity was brilliant in its attainment of excellence. She was utterly non-deceptive, for at any moment she could merely present herself as she was and be rated well, for her essential character insisted on achieving the necessary with whatever she encountered, never seeking lazy escapes or apparatus to distract or conceal inadequacies.

She enhanced her natural beauty by crafting herself to charm and entice bountifully, fueling raging fires that would burn hard at immense lengths for great expanse. Others could learn from this approach and its superior results, but were caught up in presenting a fake character in place of themselves.

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