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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 24, 2015

The Crowd is the Weakest Link

a well parked sleeper cell can fake average ability to avoid being eliminated by the mediocre who are envious of their superiors The creative class saw opportunity in their belief that others had too much free time, so copied a show from abroad to take up that time and steer people away from ambitious choices. Such artists!

Every episode was a primer in basic game theory. Like most modern social schemes forcing people together by unnatural random groupings or deliberate creation of dystopia to increase opportunity for exploitation, control, and helplessness, there is supposed to be nominal cooperation, but in practice everyone is primarily out for themselves and hides that motivation unless drunk, at which time they will proudly tell of their liberating world philosophy.

After each round of trivia, the team votes one member off. Inept players who failed to answer questions correctly to earn towards a growing jackpot are justly eliminated. But if a player demonstrates ability, they are also voted off because they are correctly seen as a threat to win the jackpot.

When low ability players are voted off, their mistakes are mentioned as the reason for their elimination. Superior players are treated differently by being voted off with a justification of feelings that they aren't trying hard enough or don't contribute to team spirit, even if they made no mistakes. This clever appeal to sacrosanct emotions reminds that a key purpose of socializing is to vocalize tropes that sidestep evaluation and truth, camouflaging an aggressive attack by trying to make it awkward for others to express skepticism and doubt about a particular statement and demanding sensibility and reason as standards in place of claimed feelings.

Just as the average have no use for the inferior, neither can the average tolerate their superiors, so when the average are given the power, they will liquidate their superiors and inferiors, leaving the mediocre to dwell safely amongst their own, neither oppressed by the burden of supporting inferiors nor eclipsed by their betters.

When being evaluated, we too can fake average abilities until there is opportunity to do away with the rascals who undermine fragile cultivation of excellence and sacrifice the best for their personal relative advantage.

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