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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 10, 2015

Brake Shoes

The sun is warm. There's no particular urge to do anything.

Filth and disorganization are the norm, entangling every effort, and this bothers almost no one.

Filth and disorganization are the norm, so everyone learns to tolerate it and its underlying psychology

A mix of failed cultures and people establish the level of the nation, leaving the underlying qualities of the populace who form the nation naked in the transparent result of their best efforts.

Mopeds and scooters exemplify core values of cutting off others before they cut you off, the crab bucket principle expanded into miserable traffic conditions so everyone's time is consumed by individualism.

Lines are inefficient and service is slow, constantly interrupted by people trying to cut ahead and cheat the system.

The lawless zone covers a large swath. The jungles are ungoverned and transit between cities at night is subject to vibrantly entrepreneurial robbery and kidnapping industries.

Un conservador es alguien que está de través de la historia, gritando Pare, en un momento en que nadie se inclina a hacerlo, o tener mucha paciencia con aquellos que lo inste a ello.
[Guillermo F. Buckley, hijo]

Corruption is commonplace and bribes are used pragmatically as a way of getting things done in an unsound system.

The organized and active quickly become wealthy from instincts that are noticeably different from the rest. They strive to keep their lineage unbroken. They buy out of society through expensive memberships in private clubs that are cities within cities: beautiful, accommodating, secure from crime, functional, and with a community composed of other organized, active people.

Endless trash to haul around, yet moving doesn't change the force behind its creation

Water is undrinkable. Other infrastructure is similarly deficient.

Alcohol is abundant -- crime too. Long nights of drinking and dancing means the mornings start late, and soon oppressive afternoon heat is upon you. Little is accomplished, and is typically performed by cutting corners, concerned with fooling through appearance of adequacy for a purpose, though quality is lacking and soon the work will have to be done again.

The mass prevents a foothold for exceptions to ascend, partly from jealous opposition to anyone who would break away, partly from ingrained instincts for short-term victories that preclude long-term advance.

The hard task remains: how will you keep their impulses in check to limit their destructive effect?

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