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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2015

Confessions of Saul, the Pragmatist

The desert mystic was a polarizing figure. He was deemed a rabble rouser and was occasionally persecuted for disruptive teachings contrary to the efforts of the administrative authorities.

His followers were devoted because his ideas helped calm their inner insanity. His pot luck hippie gatherings in the desert were fun, whether driven by hallucinogenic mushrooms or the burning bush's DMT.

His hygiene guidelines were of great personal benefit to those unfamiliar with washing.

His suggestions to not violently act out were stabilizing to crazy Middle Eastern tribes who needed commandments telling them not to murder, steal, and perform other acts because of defective instincts. To be made closer to normal people, their inherent features had to be excised in every new generation; circumcision being only a symbol of their need to be made partial.

After multiple skirmishes the day finally came when authorities had to arrest and execute the rebel. His small cult would now drift to the next hippie, unless the cult could be commemorated. And if it could be commemorated, it could be codified, expanded, and made into a movement with proper marketing. Saul was not one to let a profitable opportunity slip away.

From this personal loss of a friend, who is in any case gone forever and could not care what is said of him, a new product could be offered. I can use my previous access to promote it and give testimony to lure others to its message.

Saul became Paul, and fancied himself a promoter. Germans later reinterpreted Judeo-Christianity, standardizing, spreading and enforcing it for gain. After the Crusades darkened Europe, the original impact continued to pulse. The next big demonstration appeared in the French Revolution with the liquidation of the intellectual class for the purpose of achieving equality, and France never recovered. Any act can be justified.

When victory matters more than truth, monsters like Bernays appear, which begat Madison Ave and its message of needing products to fill a void, which begat efforts to hollow out the whole so people could be convinced cheap huckstered products were what they were lacking.

As the world spun, Hollywood stories developed from semi-innocuous distractions to ideological propaganda showing secular faith in its fictional form, which from the illustration became a reference point and served as proof of this new belief, the movie world and real world being confused as the same to most observers.

Enemies, especially nature, could be demonized, the good could be shown as wicked, insane ideas could be portrayed as genius, and the neurosis of the crazy could be spread widely to equally debilitate many. Every poison could be broadcast and praised, and basic principles of civilization turned upside down, yet the movie world showing images of this working better than ever.

Best of all, audiences would pay for the privilege of being debased and lied to in visual form.

Without the French revolution, there is no Karl Marx to bequeath communism as the ideal in civil rights. Under communism, all are equal, except the privileged ruling class, as the professional, educated, and conservatives are liquidated as a warning to the remaining lower classes who are additionally squeezed into obedience and silence by the state through frequent demonstrations of hunger and poverty as gentle alternatives to murder.

What is communism except a series of definitions, none which correspond closely to reality? And if one points this out in public, they are an enemy of the state and will soon be reeducated, imprisoned, or liquidated for the crime of honesty.

Communism used the same methods and failed everywhere it was attempted, yet succeeded in thoroughly embedding itself in the west with its activists overtaking university professorships and politics, replacing traditionalists.

Communists fought relentlessly and were able to overturn almost all values that had stood for thousands of years, replacing them with more appealing doctrines and beliefs buttressed by media promotion that proved the superiority of their faith. Their domination of schools ensured an eventual victory by teaching children to approve of people who repeated those ideas and oppose the enemies of communism who thought differently and dared to say so in public.

The free speech movement in the 60s claimed to desire permissiveness for all ideas, but as soon as they gained power, they promptly began attacking and censoring ideas contrary to their own. They were only interested in winning by any means necessary.

Even the pope is complicit in the fakery of miracles, as he certifies them for the purpose of creating saints, which he justifies as inspiring to the followers of his religion. He concludes it is helpful for people to think the laws of the universe can be violated by magical people who deviate from the natural world and thus are cast into sainthood after their deaths.

Paul/Saul did the same by creating an image and marketing it for gain.

When someone uses a historical person for their platform, consider what they are trying to prove and whether this is vacuous propaganda, a fraudulent miracle, or twisted tall tales repeated until they are tolerated as truth.

Beware every legacy of lies.

October 31, 2015

Zombies and Ghouls

Zombies gather in force to feed off you and take you down by making you just like them. They argue it is inevitable, and unless you resist and triumph, you will end up like them - zombified They are undead and swarm in lumbering packs to feast on blood, flesh, and fast food. They are immune to reason and unconcerned with what will come in the future. Even the present barely penetrates consciousness.

They don't know truth or concern themselves with it, liberating them to become fully actualized zombies unified in form and function.

They slowly and methodically surround you to afford little escape. From a distance it is difficult to detect the newly infected whose innards gurgle with brewing disease and will soon be staring at screens and hungrily consuming trivialities.

The bite of a zombie is frightful. Your one and only appearance as a conscious and self-organizing entity comes to an end. For evermore, you will plod and meander for mere sustenance using barbaric utilitarianism.

Oversocialization leads to simpletonism in subservience to a consciousness unable to escape the gravitational pull of entertainment reality in its circular orbit.

Zombie armies insist they are trapped, and then make it so, pursuing peasant hedonism and spreading pestilence far and wide.

October 30, 2015

Political Fiction

In democracy, ruled subjects are given little insight into the reasoning or expected results of laws and policies created by the ruling class. It's difficult to determine what leaders are trying to accomplish and what theories they are using. All we see is that their approaches are calculated to fool dummies and saddle them with long-term loss.

Strange initiatives keep the public off balance so they have to guess about the motives of the leaders, especially as most political actions cause increasingly bad results.

Like political science (poli-sci) and science fiction (sci-fi), we make use of political fiction (poli-fi) to explore possibilities.

As there is little substantial proof that our rules are a wicked alien shape-shifting lizard race intent of destroying humanity, we look at alternative explanations for their harmful policies.

We only have history and observed results, so must use those to understand similar current actions.

  • Politicians often use public money to win votes for themselves or the party, funding schemes that help their demographic and cost their opponent's demographic, ideally for generations.
  • Politicians benefit by creating disorder because it necessitates increased political and personal power to fix the problem they created. The bigger the problem created, the more need for government power.
  • Politicians change demographics to create a favorable voting block and more easily manipulated populations.
  • Preventing unity is beneficial because it gives politicians more power in the absence of a culture that has been euthanized. Without a culture, values, or standards, laws and lawmakers run the show, not citizens.
  • Politicians are experts at symbolic actions and rarely take effective actions, taking credit for coincidental events and shirking responsibility for their misdeeds and blunders. They do not have a history of solving actual problems.
  • They are not deep thinkers. Most are a combination of sociopaths and parasites who primarily repeat doctrine popular with crowds. They find a way to appeal to groups who want to hear their beliefs of how the world works repeated back at them. These groups are failures and know little, and politicians happily tell them the lies they crave.
In the absence of disclosed reason for the policies they force on the public, we use reason and study previous efforts to determine likely outcomes, though we still have imperfect access to the motivating force of their wickedness.

October 25, 2015

The Governing Challenge

The greatest challenge to Western governments in the next decades will be trying to maintain the appearance of remaining functional.

They are flanked on one side by tolerance of bad outcomes, which they attempt to defend with phony explanations for their causes. These arguments will gradually wilt from scrutiny. New bogus reasons will be proposed, and these too will collapse under examination until all shields are torn away, leaving the truth bare before all.

Low IQ prevails and must be spread everywhere because it's progress

The system buys time with fake measurements that supposedly prove high standards, no different from faking tests for clean diesel emissions. In a bind, all you can do is fake it and hope to get through another day until you're eventually caught. With governments regularly committing fraud and forcing malignant changes to society, degrading the whole for their selfish advantage, why can't corporations do the same?

On the other side they are flanked by vibrant diversity which has curtailed civic engagement from distrust and lack of common interests, with contrary goals and values openly clashing. Voting is ludicrous given recognition that it's not your society anymore. After dispossession, no one is interested in helping fix obvious problems that were once addressed by the community that has been destroyed.

All that's left is to build your small parcel, defend as best possible against encroachment, and tune out the nonsense and decay.

Now flanked, and having sustained decades of progressive attrition, an assault of third-worlders comes to lock in permanent disunity and largely replace the people who developed civilization. This ensures a safe return to the third world standards these people autonomously created in their own lands.

World IQ over time

Governments will be forced to treat low ability as normal, because statistically it will be common. Having crafted that population, the government will adapt to that level of results. Clearly it opted for a third-world direction for a good reason, otherwise it would not have changed an advanced society to create a less able result without a purpose in mind.

The final fail-safe will be the individual, which will largely fall into camps of those who understand plainly why failure is happening and those who are a mix of delusional and dishonest. These constituencies are too diverse to share consensus about what sort of behavior is desirable or expected, so increased tolerance for bad results will be requested while those with money will separate from undesirable populations to minimize exposure to destruction.

Businesses have a higher need to run a tight ship than governments because they must fund themselves from profits instead of being privileged to regularly take taxes from citizens. Like governments, businesses will adopt a new orientation towards the public that assumes error, ignorance, and undirectedness as the new standard. Anything a member of the public says is probably wrong or dishonest, possibly a scam or statement originating from mental illness, so every interaction will anticipate mistakes in judgment and action to minimize their damage.

This means treating everyone as a destructive moron liar. With the smart people bred out, society will baseline to third-world standards, and when morphine explanations eventually fail, new norms will gradually be accepted as better approximations of the situation.

You can always buy a little time with facades and lies, which is just like borrowing from a loan shark.

October 23, 2015

It Was Better Before Freedom

Consider the value of people prior to the 1960s. They ate normal food and had normal physical proportions. Most were naturally attractive. Trauma and broken families were rare; consequently blue hair, piercings, and tattoos did not appear.

It is not important to make history. You should focus on achieving basic competence.

Women were pleasant and respectful, not loud, rude, or obnoxious. They knew how to cook and clean, which meant they could run a home and help sustain a family.

A man meeting such a woman could see the possibilities and worked to win her hand so they could raise a family with his income and her home skills covering both fronts.

Today many singles are unattractive and unskilled, as if to argue against the possibility of a family. If they have a family, often it is by accident that will bring lasting struggle from failing to possess the basic skills needed to raise children.

Being loud by repeating opinions learned from the media isn't helpful, especially when those are dishonestly crafted to appeal to crowds.

A home's cleaning has to be outsourced to maids for a few hours of work, debunking the notion that housework is laborious. It shows only that someone has no skin in the game and cannot provide value to the family, though time is made to watch shows and keep up with texts and Facebook.

Similarly, cooking is outsourced to take-out restaurants. There is no knowledge of nutrition or preparation of basic meals. This would be a disaster, except collectively lower standards means incompetence is okay when most others have agreed to know nothing.

As a result, society has fewer families and marriages because essential skills are now lacking and many have nothing to offer a prospective household. Those that form are mostly dysfunctional from lacking the abilities expected of their parents and grandparents.

It was better when developing value was favored over dramatic individualism.

October 22, 2015


In a relationship, kindness and its related gifts are usually wasted, taken for granted at the moment and valued only afterwards when it is far too late.

Nor can you show anyone anything they will appreciate at the time, as they will only get it later, and sense a little of what could have been if they were more aware before pushing possibility away.

None of this is an argument against kindness or exploration, only against the expectation of being appreciated or understood.

Those come after sunset, when the day's labor has been spent. Its value was assumed to be nothing because it came freely and was common. Only when gone is its rarity realized.

To some we will give despite pessimistic expectations because we sense what they might be. Our disposition is timeless and separate from circumstances. We remain as we are and always shall.

We are able to give because we are abundant and replenishing.

October 12, 2015


You can try to seduce by text, i.e. words and sentences, but it's not very important, dwarfed by the subtext, molded by context, the structured form on which all hangs, with truth openly hiding between the lines.

You can delay with a pretext, a flimsy scaffolding that won't support much and soon needs replacement substance, which is chemistry, which is magic.

October 11, 2015

Tolerate Failure

Failure to comprehend as basis for mental problems spilling into politics and ideology

There are many minds that cannot evaluate the merit of ideas, instead truly believing all factual relations are arbitrary statements or trivial opinions. This belief that all words and their correspondence are baseless allows him freedom to participate in that practice.

Accordingly, he thinks assertion makes a fact, so vociferously and aggressively asserts many positions that lack reason, even taking self-contradictory stances, such as vandalizing walls with nonsense while claiming that ugly vandalism isn't vandalism. Perhaps he imagines this is genius art or enlightened philosophy that brings insightful joy to those who have to look at it every day, especially to the family that has stupidities sprayed onto the walls of their house.

The methods and ideas of activists are the best indicator of the group's beliefs. The sensible person looks at graffiti and wonders "who is in favor of this?" and yet structures worldwide are defaced with spraypaint and insane political slogans that if widely tolerated would quickly end civilization in a pathetic suicide.

October 10, 2015

Abolishing Graffiti

They claim to be artists, but create art no one wants to see -- and then claim they are not vandals, though they have vandalized a building to make it ugly with idiotic text.

Graffiti uglifies. Its messages convey trivial thoughts, stupidities, and dishonest ideology in place of normal civilization. Michelangelo with a spraycan could not do more with graffiti than create another public eyesore.

Urban farming is better than anarchic planting of ditch weed, though both suffer from utilitarian thinking.

Better still is activist landscaping to thoughtfully cultivate a beautiful, vivid environment that makes your community feel wonderful.

Politicians have to take some risk when enacting policies that destroy healthy communities, for example designating them as "sanctuary cities" for third-world standardization. The primary advantage gained by adding a mess of illiterate, unskilled third world people is to create power for government by crafting situations that require help from government to manage new problems created by the addition of an incompatible population.

By preventing problems rather than constructing new ones, we reclaim our public spaces from nuisances and make our communities into places in which we enjoy living.

October 9, 2015

Faustian Souls

The Faustian soul is transfixed on reaching beyond, stretching itself into infinitude during its personally short duration, with each member attempting its potential, each star shining for an instant as it exerts itself to go farther Summoned into being from an infinitude of nothingness, we breathe for a moment.

We know almost nothing, and are born into our dispositions and worldview.

We are traditionally Faustian, conceptually and physically spanning time and place, as if prepared long ago to explore the cosmos and enjoy the wealth of having many homes, thankfully gifted with ability to tend each of them.

We civilize and make functional the most barbaric, hostile, or ruined land, but more importantly our spirit thirsts for perpetual expanse. This is our gift and curse, for it propels us beyond all limits and sensibility and affixes our focus on targets others dismiss as unattainable or never stir within enough to ponder, happily dull and incurious. This feeling for reaching beyond the present births our technology, art, exploration, and is the ever replenishing pool of our aspirations.

Our hopes, beliefs, and worldview inextricably grow from the Faustian instinct. Those who lack this feeling can imitate our creations, but their results will always remain foreign and artificial, for they lack its love and the need to burst forth in all directions beyond limit.

September 25, 2015

Identifying with Cheap Clean Diesel

It's your world and you can get good mileage by burning whatever you want to make fumes that feel clean to you A modern product must be democratically cheap so everyone can use it. It must be clean, and have other incompatible traits that urge on disaster by stipulating committee definitions and mandatory compliance.

Diesel engine fumes can cause lung cancer and belong in the same potentially deadly category as asbestos, arsenic and mustard gas, World Health Organisation (WHO) experts said on Tuesday.

Companies promoted clean diesel so consumers could feel good that their higher gas mileage wasn't harmful to the world they drive through, but this was just marketing. Nitrogen oxide levels produced by burning diesel fuel hadn't changed. Most diesel vehicles continue spew fumes like a traditional gas van used to purge dissidents and enemies of the state.

While exhaust catalysts have decreased total nitrogen oxides from petrol cars by around 96%, real-world tests show that pollution controls on diesel cars are not as effective. New diesels produce similar nitrogen oxides to those bought 15 years ago.

Cheap diesel shows that requirements to produce the impossible are sure to fail. Companies can't admit failure to meet unattainable standards or price themselves out of the market with expensive technology, so faking seems initially better than admitting technical failure. They know they will eventually be caught, and consider that a better option.

It also reminds us that in modernity much is faked for appearance. When you can be anyone you want to be, and can shamelessly claim to have traits you don't possess, why not also produce any kind of test results you desire, even those which do not correspond to the matter being tested?

Clean diesel identifies as having low pollution levels and it is hateful, close-minded, and bigoted to deny its inner feelings.

August 26, 2015

Crafty Ain't Best

Crafty is third best.

Best is to dissuade by appearance and plainly conveyed substance.

Second best is to use physical force to incapacitate encroachers.

One relies on crafty when lacking better approaches, usually lying to themselves about how far their craftiness is likely to take them against a determined opponent.

August 25, 2015

Leaf Blowers

Blowing dust into the air is not helpful He stands with a gas powered weapon in hand, staid and purposeful with his steely gaze hidden behind dark sunglasses.

He strides forward, pointing his blower alternatively left and right to clear away everything before him, discharging it into a swarming suspended dust cloud to choke privileged first-world citizens who were taught by bigots that their heritage and culture entitles them to clean air, and probably clean water too.

The enforcer neutralizes inequality by vibrantly stirring tired dust and debris previously assumed to be settled. By putting particulate matter back in play, new vital potency is interjected as this tremendous labor arouses the economy with its innovation.

Who will man the leaf blowers if these people are sent back to their native lands as the law requires? Which is not to denigrate the urgent need to also import unskilled illiterate women who are just as crucial to the future of advanced societies whose success is dependent on highly educated and intelligent populations, especially as robotics replaces trivial labor.

They are technological to the extent of using technology other people created, and too lazy to use the rakes and brooms that are appropriate for their task.

It's hard to think who would hold the blowers and produce this noise and fumes if not these brave people, or to remember how things were before blower warriors became a fixture.

Immigration Sources

Those trying to force demographic change would prefer we don't think about the consequences of this approach or remember the type of society before they turned it into this. But the unruly were too loud, and now will be replaced by a group that votes loyally for empty promises and patiently waits for a growing government to inefficiently distribute the wealth earned by other people.

August 22, 2015

Illogical Methods are Needed to Implement Bad Design

Revelatory stop sign in Üsküdar We will soon forget why we have stop signs, yet will continue to habitually role-play their mandated behavior.

Stop signs are justified as necessary for safety, yet are more like senseless archaic rituals in situations where drivers can plainly survey the area to see there is no one around and should instead continue onward without breaking momentum. Stopping for no purpose to comply with a law defies reason for the sake of fulfilling an illogical legal requirement lacking provisional relevance. Some people find the illogical behavior deplorable and refuse to participate, so cops hide in wait to make citizens pay them extra money for non-compliance.

Extrapolating rote enforcement against reason to achieve the opposite of a sensible result pushes society still farther from reality. Our governments take money from us to employ people to force us to behave in ways that don't make sense using absurd methods to achieve goals we don't want. When we seek relief, we often strive only to paralyze the enemy that we have created and fund, not to correct the misdirection of functions working against our interest in having a healthy civilization. We have done this to ourselves and are the only ones who can stop us from continuing to do it.

Sensibility is often rare and glacial in its periodic expansion and recession. Our laws are mostly sacrosanct, needing massive attention to be changed, and can be established or repealed by a proclamation of feelings much easier than any sound reason, theory, or evidence.

It would be better if establishing a law required a thesis and expiration date so repeals could be facilitated when their foundational theory was found to be false. This would allow laws to be periodically reviewed for soundness, and all new laws would have to be argued for like a doctoral defense rather than trivially created by demagoguery.

The automated car looms close and threatens to largely upend some of this madness by disrupting its revenue stream. Like a zombie that can be killed by a headshot, or vampire by a silver stake through its heart, terrible laws will die when starved of money.

With cars driving themselves, traffic enforcement money will dry up, requiring liquidation of police who perform tax collection, and standard taxes will increase again to offset the income those uniformed collectors used to take from motorists.

Automated cars will also be able to relax many barriers to driving, such as allowing left hand turns that were previously legal but have been increasing taken away by newly installed lights requiring a designated green arrow. They will also likely be able to bypass full stops at stop signs, drive at higher speeds, and in other ways operate more efficiently, returning driving to a more sensible and free state that it enjoyed in previous decades.

Police might not adjust well to these changes and seek other ways to extract revenue from the public that employs them and expects useful behavior. They might work with legislatures to increase civil forfeitures and significantly increase fines on marginal offenses, though this will be scrutinized as nuisance behavior and organize the public to further force police to perform useful functions desired by the community that pays them.

The future model of personal transportation suggests a combination of utopian and dystopian advances. Traffic will become an abstraction reducing travel to time consumed while removing effort and attention. You'll have a comfortable vehicle with a refrigerator, espresso maker, and full communications system, and can sleep through any commute, which will allow governments to argue against a pressing need to provide adequate roads or policies to reduce traffic. Always remember that to large institutions your time is of no value, yet to you it is the most valuable thing you possess.

Automated cars are coming whether you like it or not, clearing away some bad ideas that have become entrenched, though some will try to work into the transition by injecting themselves where they are neither needed nor helpful, and we must wash them away with simplicity.

August 21, 2015

Defeating the Smartphone

The smartphone argues that love should be impossible and the threat of its viable existence must be destroyed by pointless interruptions and updates.

"When entering a marriage, one should ask the question: do you think you will be able to have good conversations with this woman right into old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory, but most of the time in interaction is spent in conversation."

The smartphone w
ages war against ideas, intimacy, relevance, and purposeful behavior Hot romance can easily recede into passionless tolerance or stifled resentment, and then you return to interests that were blocked by relationship impositions, or seek a more suitable partner. But pursuing a modern girl isn't just a competition against other suitors, some of whom are able to juggle several girls at a time. To get the girl, you must be more interesting than her smartphone.

The requirement to outcompete her phone sounds daunting, but just as chess masters were wary of the first challenges against supercomputers, the automated opponent considering millions of moves at each step remains vulnerable and can be defeated by cunning that both evades the strategy of bulk considerations and probabilities while using the device's communication channel against it.

The smartphone is a prolific babbler, conveying little of substance. Its biggest hook is relaying Facebook praise, giving its subject the illusion that they are interesting, attractive, and clever, despite contrary indications from the real world. The phone is also a gateway for incoming texts, but these are either banal information ("I am at the bar") or fragmented drama ("You won't believe what Jenny just did"). The phone offers a connection to email, but it is almost never written well and no one modern really wants to read more than 140 characters anyway.

To beat the phone, you need conversationalism that transmits compelling essence, which is roughly a combination of personal stories that unfold themes with humor, adventure, and an invested perspective.

Your major advantage is that all magic happens in person, while the smartphone is more of a proxy that hints at things that could happen in person but can never deliver. Once you've shown magic and are a proven entity, you can at least neutralize the thoughtless smartphone by having it work on your behalf to promote your demonstrably qualities.

By adopting your opponent to become part of your platform, high quality messages will stand out from the constant stream of updates about things that don't matter. Once contrasted with the communication of an interesting person, the phone is exposed as a transmitter of very boring, low quality, and off-topic messages.

As you have a goal and ability to communicate intelligently, your stark contrast can defeat the automatic delivery agent, assuming the girl is able to distinguish between nonsense and something interesting.

August 11, 2015

Death to Ideology

No neo reenactments! No doctrinal demonstrations of passive allegiance! There is only what one lives, not the theories they allege to believe.

Your actions align with the original timeless form, its wisdom also offering advantage. Were you to discover them for the first time 1000 years from now without any context, you would choose identically, needing no outside validation.

These ancient ideas are still known to some, and crisper translations continue to appear for those who are of the same spirit that deserves to know.

August 5, 2015

Obliterated and Disorganized by Progress

They will try to utterly destroy and dissemble you to fit their system. The system is not malicious, just a robotic zombie. It's not that they don't care about consequences -- they are unaware of them.

Because it is a process, there's no entity to blame. Nor can the process itself be assailed, as by self-definition it is considered enlightened and thus inviolable, which also means unconcerned with the destructive aspects of its operation, and changing these would require dismantling the process and negating its faulty premises.

As the ancients saw, evil is just ignorance unrestrained into action.

You will be hybridized, i.e. mixed between dissimilar cultures and heritage, losing all refined and cultivated aspects carefully gathered over many generations, replacing these valuable traits with generic lowest common denominator fillers.

Immoralists consider the function of this system, not its proud chest-puffed claims of enlightenment.

Your life is short. The system gambles on retaining its position by bluff more than force, playing a waiting game where it expects all will eventually comply or are leveled.

If you insist on retaining your values, culture, language, and ideas, you will need to find someone who also shares these and thus can pass them on to your children. They in turn will be assaulted anew by the system that seeks to genericize them, disrupt their inheritance, and leave them purposeless and lost so they are ripe for propaganda and need to be given direction, for it has been taken from them.

Even if the individual is only partly genericized, that is an intermediate victory of having less than their parents and not knowing how to pass it on, ensuring it becomes lost. From there, it is only a matter of time until future generations are crushed and their refined traits made wholly generic.

There are of course many alternatives. Pockets of civilization realizing the poverty of consumerized herds could resist and form independent communities. Civilization quickly turns to barbarism given sufficient generic people, and its looming consequences will sway many into resistance against the system.

August 4, 2015

Feminism Inhibits, Hinders, and Murders the Soul

Many rape survivors, which makes sense because rape rarely kills. When I was growing up, feminism was not yet an absolutist doctrine with government support, nor taught in schools and enforced by a nanny state taking taxpayer money to fund its premises. It was then just a pesky and persistent ideology that nagged the good natured into complying with coercive pandering demands for preferential treatment as a class of victims.

At the time, feminists were only one more special interest group whose adherents claimed unique demographic rights, arguing they needed protection because they were weak, suffering, unstable, and incapable of securing their needs and competing on equal ground.

Polite people considered the possibility that this group was as impaired as they claimed, and with pity often took effort to treat them gently. Like acknowledging Kwanzaa without snickering, and trying to look away from consequences of imposed diversity no one wants, why not treat yet another special group as they profess to be?

Feminism teaches men to treat women as nuns, sterile scientists, or homeless degenerates incapable of earning a living -- and to avoid having fun with them, engaging them or enjoying them, and especially to never act upon attraction and become partners rather than enemies.

Yet these rules are inevitably broken by an excess of aroused passion, the very passion they strive to kill by rules of distance and complication, with playful joy erupting despite explicit banishment. Once tasted and proven right, you learn to trust your instincts fully as they always do everything they should, in direct contravention of feminism's rules against men and women sharing delight in one another.

Trying to make sense of its anger, you catch feminism in the act of turning beautiful and spirited women into vengeful bitter witches aggrieved by repeated stories of secret oppression and conspiracies against them. Though each desired the other in all times previous, feminism turns men and women against one another so it can isolate and harvest the woman for use as a foot soldier for its ideology. The family had to be overthrown, then love, reproduction, sexuality, and even nature for the crime of being too hierarchical. Children had to be politicized, propagandized, and enlisted for the cause, consequences bedamned.

Just as innocents were indoctrinated into this strange cult, its followers don't strongly believe its fantastic worldview and can be easily swayed from it by exposure to reality.

We show women a way back to the delights of concord and affection - against the wishes of their leaders and a depressing belief system that tries to starve them of kindness and appreciation.

Instinct sets all things in motion so they can unfold. Judgment acts as an amiable dance partner following the lead of instinct, trying to understand why things move as they do. Reason only later gains insight into the natural, and only when not swayed by ego or ideology.

Your joke is too bawdy. You are too forward in conversation. You make intimate contact too quickly. You fail to pay lip service to popular lies and pretenses.

These offenses and many others are against the rules, but honesty, nature, and desire will earn you the sweetest fruits of a woman's affection. This teaches preference for being an outlaw to get what you want instead of waiting for handouts in the barren, dusty dungeon of the dominant paradigm.

August 1, 2015

Difference in Disposition

You retain your disposition despite circumstances. And how could you be other than you are?

You notice a dissimilar essence upon encountering educational systems, workplaces, media news stories, and social propaganda -- and measure this difference by comparing their ideas against the reality you've encountered that has confirmed your world view.

If your nature is good, you will esteem what is productive, ennobling, and of higher quality in it, whereas if your nature is destructive, you will look for angles of revenge, leveling, taking wealth from the successful, and joyfully celebrating the undoing of everything cultivated so that your betters can no longer enjoy what is excellent.

July 31, 2015

Consumer Cuckolds

Getting distracted by nonsense and then swarmed by ignorant mobs allows manipulators to drive the direction of society towards short-term profits while giving up everything that civilization established, soon to be ruins We try many possibilities and then settle on the lowest because of economic simplicities and human stupidity. We could just as well decide on better results if we had higher quality people and superior values exerting pressure to establish good products as the standard of our civilization.

But we are not allowed to take steps to develop better people or a superior level of society. Instead we are expected to help divert the wealth to all wretched, stupid, useless savages who sneak into a country to take what its people created for themselves and their descendants.

Those who created civilization never expected the life work of so many of their generations would be not just erased, but cuckolded.

July 30, 2015

Gathering to Feast

Butterflies seek free nature to sustain themselves and grow, and other creatures seek the free butterflies that gather to enjoy free nature The landscaping in my estate includes many butterfly bushes and flowers that attract hummingbirds, infusing an Eden-like quality that visibly stirs into motion at daybreak.

This meeting ground for creatures does not go unnoticed by those who want eat creatures lured by tasty pollen. And what are all creatures and plants except means of forming and distributing nutrients to one another, sustaining a cycle between the transfers?

I watched a butterfly become trapped in a spider's web, but with violent thrusts freed himself and escaped before becoming a celebratory meal. Teases too are part of nature! Another butterfly would surely soon follow the same path and become ensnared to nourish the spider's brood.

Creatures on my estate live like scrappy backwoods rednecks, making use of what rests upon the land, seeking not a job moving around economic abstractions, but centered on capturing raw food to feed their family.

The butterflies congregate for sweet nectar, knowing only that all pollen is free. Just as they have discovered an abundant food source, other creatures have noticed them and desire to eat their bodies while sharing the gains with their families.

Before measuring with morality, first think of the children!

July 29, 2015


You can spend years talking to an invisible god and begging his favor until learning Saul is demonstrating ruthless Middle Eastern marketing.

For all the faults and dastardly schemes of this product, it nevertheless serves to preserve an older form that remains valuable, namely meditation, as a reflexive practice of contemplation, a method of planning necessary actions to seed the will, and as a cause for taking a calm breath in the midst of chaos when most respond with panic.

July 21, 2015

Questions and Answers

For a while I liked answers. What did the world consist of? What was known or provable about essential types?

From that, an unwinding of possibility. Everything others had done before was possible, as well as much that had not yet been done but could be.

Tasks that others proved attainable could typically by repeated for oneself through will, just as they were first achieved that way by others.

Much was not fixed: manipulable, negotiable, unclaimed, or at least undeveloped land.

July 20, 2015

Celebrity Love

It could be argued that only celebrities approach relationships realistically. Their positions afford them full market information, with knowledge of product quality, strategic bluffs, and a library of predictive outcomes, allowing for intelligent valuations of talent.

Most of the public remains stuck in the modern dynamic where the man projects delusional hopes and dreams on the female whose strategy is to secure enduring financial obligations before the reality of her actual substance becomes apparent.

Celebrities notice love is fleeting and expensive, budgeting the costs and preparing for its collapse so they can quickly clean up and rebuild with the next prospective partner.

The traditional form of relationships benefit from investment rather than accepting disposability, and like all classical forms is a rare sighting today.

Women who have run the penis gauntlet have the side effect of being unable to form an emotional bond, dooming their relationships and leaving them with a bewildered stare of endless emptiness.

July 16, 2015

No Facts

Not only are their opinions not based on facts, they are not even based on reported facts or commonly known history.

Their position is ideological, which is to say based on a fantasy of abstractions about a world that doesn't exist and even were it possible to construct, would not be desirable.

This makes discussions difficult, as all assertions are false claims about things that never happened about motives that don't exist to achieve goals that were never sought.

Pointing out these errors only shuts down conversation, but letting endless nonsense go unchallenged invites even more foolishness that mobs repeat in place of accurate tellings.

June 19, 2015

Death From Above

Most people do nothing. Determined revolutionaries establish structures and organize logistics towards an end. They try to build systems that will survive them, as they will soon be killed by drone strikes. Their coalition consists of groups with overlapping motives but also disagreements, so strategies are built upon fragile common ground.

We hear of leaders periodically picked off by missile strikes while they perform their job. That means either an informer or a signal interception revealed the location of an informer. It also means the strategy of defeating revolutionaries is to kill leaders, thus it is essential to track and identify oppositional participants so they can be blown up. It is also cost-effective to fire missiles at suspected individuals and locations, as well as maintain a fleet of drones and other air support to shoot at people who need to be removed.

If you are sufficiently inconvenient to the system, you will be removed.

June 18, 2015

Access to Information

It never was about access to information. All interested people were always able to find information relevant to their curiosity and need for knowledge.

The bluff was called by providing all information and watching quality diminish through a surplus of substandard choices.

Offer total access to the best, and they still prefer celebrities and sports. They were born lacking curiosity and intellect, not access to information.

Politicians likewise talk about needing to provide access to education, birth control, healthy food, etc, but full access to these is already available, just not always with an agreement that the bill will be sent to a neighbor who is forced to pay for these nice things others want.

June 17, 2015

Tolerance for the Freak Show

Throw your trash anywhere you feel like it, as it is your right and no one can stop your free expression to make your mark on the world Littering is a bizarre behavior that should need no signs or law for its prohibition, as its consequences and imposition should be obvious. Its proper punishment should be exile or execution, as the act of littering definitively demonstrates disregard for society and willingness to create new messes for others to clean up so that someone without patience and discipline can enjoy the convenience of throwing trash out of their window.

But it could be well argued that we should tolerate and embrace littering. After all, it's just individual expression that harms no one, and in any case it's impossible to judge another person's behavior, especially when tolerance is more important than consideration of results.

Littering is a victimless crime. No one has ever died from littering. The act of littering is between the litterer and the ground, so there's no need for state involvement.

Trash was born to be thrown away, not cloistered by bossy hegemonic waste management overlords trying to sell you 50 gallon bags that don't exist in nature. No animal uses trash bags, as the whole of nature is a giant public trash dump, yet the artificial social construct of so-called trash bags is imposed upon humans.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that people still express litterphobic and cistrash opinions in public. Perhaps it is proof that our educational system and social justice campaigns to indoctrinate with the correct opinions and punish opposing ideas needs more vigor and violence to stifle those who think for themselves and pathetically cling to reality.

June 16, 2015

Bird Pollution

Birds echo the noise fed to them Our "creators" either produce trivial novelty or rehash popular cliches that dummies want to hear. This same thinking dominates products and institutions, pushing out original ideas and fresh considerations.

Accordingly, technology remains firmly attached to wrong-headed ideas because creators are uncreative and insensitive, without consideration for humans who will be subjected to their works.

Products continue to beep in annoying monotones, alarming more than informing -- as if the only sound modern technology can make are beeps that no one wants to hear -- and soon birds become familiar with this artless language of sick consciousness and begin to emulate the droning beep of car locks, house alarms, and appliances.

We should instead pipe symphonies out the window so birds can sing music instead of repeating joyless beeps back at us, though that aural mirror serves as a useful mocking reminder of our boring uncreativity.

June 15, 2015

Directing a Machine

Stradivari put into public service as a living standard Modernity accustoms citizens to giving up half of their income to fund systems that act against their interests, but paying for the enemy's war efforts was not the case just two generations ago. The wealthy endowed institutions to support traditional excellence, for example donating books of antiquity, filling museums with classical works of genius, or funding university chairs or departments devoted to the study of 19th century philosophy.

No rebel can compete with classical works, not even government funded art. The modern art wing is an embarrassment that provokes a combination of laughter and depression after visitors realize the works were not recently vandalized by a graffiti rampage, but exist in their original form.

"This collection of instruments belongs to every one of you, for they are given to our government to hold and protect forever. They may be heard in concerts held in the library, and through the medium of the radio, by an even larger audience. If the appreciation and enjoyment of music in America will be advanced thereby, the purpose of my gift will have been fulfilled."
[Gertrude Clarke Whittall, upon donating five Stradivari instruments to the Library of Congress.]

Its important to steer public institutions to act on behalf of what is great instead of what is inferior and hopeless. Government can be used to enforce excellence without reacting to mendacious agitation and the misrepresentations of petty rebels advancing their personal interests.

June 14, 2015


Youth is taught to venerate and romanticize rebellion, individualism, and the wildly irregular as alternatives to normal living, never looking beyond the image to notice that these approaches almost always fail to meet their stated objectives and impose a secret tax on civilization by requiring others to fund rebuilding of what rebels destroy.

The actual motivation for rebellion is a selfish need for drama and attention, sometimes fueled by mental illness.

Its advocates have never considered that a normal and healthy life is desirable.

What are today's rebels fighting for? Obesity, third-world immigration, ignorance, irrationality, and political victimhood identities. These approaches are burdens on the healthy, perhaps even deliberate passive-aggressive revenge that force the good to divert money and labor for rehabilitation of everything the rebels trample.

May 8, 2015

Secret Gifts

Eat all the cookies you can, no matter what happens, because consuming flour, sugar, and bad chocolate is more important than anything else you could be doing His face reveals defeat and despair. The girl charmed him with bright eyes, an attractive face, and athletic body, securing her target and promptly rescinding her beauty by means of cookies and cake.

He turned his passions to imaginary escape through video games and television, feeling let down, swindled, and trapped, yet remaining dutifully bound in loyalty to injustice.

Somehow, perhaps after a night of heavy drinking, they managed to have a child, an important life event she used to strategically transition to welterweight.

You never really get the full story, instead only observing the loss without a full picture of its underlying movements and confessions. Was she doomed to quickly become a mess or did she just stop caring about being appealing? Or was it angry retaliation against her husband? Perhaps profound disillusion with the princess fantasy that was not all it had promised since childhood? Or a true addiction to junk food despite terrible consequences?

It's unclear what went wrong when so many better outcomes could have been chosen, but I always feel blessed and suspect failed unsustained romances were especially sweet gifts with a parting reprieve to kindly spare me of what they knew they were going to do to themselves and their saddled partner.

April 20, 2015

Taught Helplessness

If you try to stop the impossible, you will expend energy for no result. Those who promote this method and tell you it is important are either insane or diabolical for taking away years of your life attempting what no one could ever do. The purpose of crazy slogans ("stop sexual assault", "stop war", "stop elder abuse") is to frustrate with powerlessness, much like the purpose of communism and related ideologies is to humiliate by means of compelling obedience to a false oath.

Even with 99% consensus on stopping sexual assault, war, and elder abuse none of these would become less infrequent, as almost no one instigates or defends these activities. Producing slogans urging people to stop these acts is a fraud.

When real problems linger deep, it is good to distract by proposing a pre-fabricated answer that is impossible for anyone to achieve or contribute towards in the slightest way, other than to claim support.

Those who perform violent acts to achieve ends they desire cannot be reasoned with into preemptive renunciation of their methods or aims, nor could any citizen patrol become aware of imminent violent actions to stop them once a transgressive act becomes apparent.

No one can do a thing to stop sexual assault, short of instructing others in combat skills and weapon training. And if you are not fervently teaching martial arts and weapon use, clearly you are not serious about stopping sexual assault. If you will not help, then who will? Your reluctance to help innocents means they become victims, and therefore you are part of the problem until you join this sensible campaign to stop sexual assault rather than promote it or allow it to gain momentum and increased popularity.

These slogans attract people with big hearts, and then spin them crazy as they attempt to do the impossible, ultimately draining their energy, making them disgusted with humanity, and appealing for governments to seize more power from citizens to control nature and illusions.

April 19, 2015

Putin the Pragmatist

Judo grappling Judo competitors probe for weaknesses to exploit, detecting imbalances to manipulate into defeat. A combination of knowledge and experience inculcates with a lexicon of available moves, counters, progressions, and submissions that are known to work when properly applied. The devoted student can build a successful career while innovating nothing, merely applying teachings more thoroughly than others who will fail to apply precise techniques or recognize exploitable openings and apply necessary defenses.

Putin was trained in Judo and the KGB system of control by force and intimidation, watching the Soviet Union collapse as its centralized planning couldn't sustain a system that depended on extracting wealth from occupied countries to subsidize much poorer Russia, which was unable to overcome the flaws and Soviet trauma of its native population to develop an economy that did more than sell off its natural resources.

There is a substantial school of thought which holds that the Kremlin will never act to control Russia's rampant alcoholism because it would prefer that its subjects remain in a state of inebriation.
[Russian Vodka Prices Set to Increase by 30% in July]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his government to rein in rising vodka prices, as he battles to preserve his popularity amid a worsening economic crisis.
[Putin Orders Government to Keep Vodka Cheap as Russian Inflation Soars]

Putin carefully watched the public management of opinion, which under the Soviet system required citizens to repeat obvious lies while living in fear of neighbors reporting any overheard unsanctioned ideas. Perestroika led to glastnost, Russian for suicide by honesty and self-undoing, by granting public permission to speak openly about history, culture, politics, and the methods of government operation. As the Soviet Union was based on force and propaganda, open discussion about its foundation could only lead to its dissolution, too diseased to reform and economically sustained only by the illegal occupation of its non-Russian members.

Soulless bulk architecture crammed people into villages of tiny apartments. Russians sought refuge in vodka to forget their situation. Bread lines were long, with meat, fruit, and vegetables rare and expensive. The glorious system left people in miserable poverty and obedient to official state opinions, fearful of aggressive imprisonment for those accused of dissent.

Food in Soviet Russia was very hard to come by. One did not go to a supermarket like here and find walls filled with milk, meat, vegetables, candy, and all kinds of wonderful and tasty things. There were massive shortages of almost everything. Just about the only thing that was consistently in stock was bread. I remember a particularly rough year, 1986, where we ate nothing but bread and water for 5 months. Meat was extremely rare, we were lucky to have meat once or maybe twice a month. When it was available, it was usually very low grade sausage (the sort of stuff that would lead to massive lawsuits and meat packing plants being closed here in America, but to us it was delicious) that was 2.2 rubles per kilo. The good sausage, when it was available was 4.7 rubles per kilo and we could rarely afford it. Chicken was the next most common meat, which we had about once or twice a year and cost about 7 rubles for a small whole chicken. I never had beef until I moved to America, it was too expensive.
[In Soviet Russia]

Putin's positions in the KGB, FSB, and politics privileged him with a terrific view of Russia's actual structure and reasons for the strategies others had used. Yeltsin appointed him Putin Prime Minister and resigned shortly thereafter, making Putin President.

Russia is Grand Tartarie

Soviet ideology was little more than centralized control. It mastered propaganda primarily used for public consumption. Putin correctly saw communism as bankrupt and did not want to continue its form, recognizing that leaving it behind created an opportunity for new politics.

He measured his options, but could not find a desirable path or end goal. The economy had oil, metals, and minerals, but the previously occupied nations had regained their independence and no longer could Russia confiscate their wealth.

As president, Putin consolidated power and acquired shares of national resources to make himself wealthy. He reckoned that Russia could not be reformed and was too steeped in corruption to develop into a normal country, but he could skillfully use a full playbook of proven techniques for personal gain by expertly playing the system, a scheme Karen Dawisha called kleptocratic authoritarianism.

By some estimates Putin accumulated over $70 billion, and those loyal to him also gained wealth by controlling natural resources acquired far below market prices.

Putin fishing For an appealing public image, Putin invented a tough-guy character utilizing staged actions shots, often shirtless and in nature, to provide a fantasy to distract citizens from essential problems that keep the nation impoverished and disorganized. Much like Kim Jong Il's golfing records and official fables about his deeds, Putin's adventures are similarly legendary.

He played to the legends of backwards and broken people, appealing to a supposed Slavic brotherhood (justifying invasion of Slavic countries), the glory of the Motherland, and the need to restore Russia to a greatness it only attained in the official mythology of the Russian Empire.

But Russians are just a small minority in a large land of Taters. The Viking Oleg formed a Slavic state by conquering Kiev in 882, spanning most of Belarus and Ukraine, until being conquered by Mongols (Tatars) in 1223. The Tatars conquered the Bulgars and destroyed the major cities of Kievan Rus and ruled over feuding cities, extracting tribute from them while ruling cities such as Moscow until 1480. The Tatars were most closely identified with Western Russia, which was called the Golden Horde.

Moscow Isn't Slavic

Moscow rose to replace Kiev as the center of Russia, with a population overrun by Mongolians and remnants of Finnish tribes, with Slavs mostly remaining in the original Slavic lands and not migrating to Moscow. Under Ivan the Terrible, this huge territory became a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state, expanding into Siberia where it annexed a large Muslim population as well as Muslim lands in the south as it expanded its empire to the east. Though the Western border was part Caucasoid, it was increasingly Mongoloid to the east and distinguished itself as Eurasian for its mix of features in a population of Turks, Mongols, Finns, and Slavs.

From the Middle Ages until the 20th century, Russia was called Tartary or Tartaria. The Taters are known for being semi-nomadic and able to endure great hardship, unbothered by the poor living conditions, hunger, cold, or brutality they regularly encounter and consider normal. This was their standard of customary civilization and they were the backbone of 20th and 21st century Russia, able to sustain with little complaint when conditions turned bad and happily enduring if told their suffering had a greater purpose and others who lived better were their enemies and would be harmed in revenge.

Russian Propaganda

Russia uses a careful and repetitive strategy to destabilize and occupy neighboring countries. Previously when it occupied countries, it sent in millions of Russians and applied a Russification policy to crush the native population, replace its culture with Russian culture, and ban the country's language. When those nations regained independence, Russia foments discontent by piping in fictional stories of Russian oppression so Russians who choose not to return to Russia can become angry at the people in whose nation they live. Russia funds uprisings in an effort to create situations where it claims the need to intervene and protect the people it placed there when it forcefully occupied those nations. From there, it will annex territory as part of a long-term plan of expansion.

Russia has the best researched propaganda and uses it with the most focused implementation of any nation. Russia's propaganda does not even try to promote their causes with praise and justification, but has found it better to confuse all conversation using a Huxlean barrage of nonsensical babble that cripples rational discussion so that any critique of Russia is lost among the noise. With analysis of their actions prevented, it faces little scrutiny. The army of propaganda soldiers are able to quickly overtake a discussion of Russia with insane theories and premises, posting new ones faster than old ones can be refuted.

This too can be seen as a means of survival for Mongolian descendants on a giant, harsh stretch of land where nothing is easy, civilization is barren, and great suffering is to be expected and imposed.

Restoring Russia's historic name to Tarteria and studying its history makes it actions understandable, as well as clarifying what to expect of its future.

April 18, 2015

Liberal Faiths

If you tolerate and accept everything, you believe in nothing and have no direction or principles except whoredom Priests are clever. They can't easily invert or negate the premises of their religion's beliefs, but they can promote a succession of half-steps and interpretations that inevitably lead to entirely different conclusions than those held since their religion was established.

These are the same people that when tasked with increasing the number of their believers, instead populate their churches with already indoctrinated believers from the third-world. They neither attempt to attract first-worlders to their religion nor fix the conditions that drive first world populations away from marriage and reproduction, but instead contribute to replacing the first-world population.

To meet their short-term quotas, they join the forces of evil and contribute to further disposition and decline, harming the whole in a way that is difficult to undo. For this wickedness, they earn a little personal advantage.

Like politicians, they privatize gains for themselves while creating massive lasting losses for others. They trade the future away and evade responsibility, knowing other problems will distract people from holding them accountable for what they have done.

When faith is liberalized, it does so as an appeal to popularity. A liberal faith only sustains vague resemblances while it justifies and tolerates everything popular that is contrary to its original mission. It has been hijacked; its goal abandoned, now just a vehicle controlled by pirates.

The pews are fuller, but there is no message worth communicating to them.

April 17, 2015

What Makes Ideas Go Away?

Ideas can be easily murdered in the womb, and often are, with many acting to actively prevent sensible births and dislodge miracle conceptions. Those who love ideas live far away from these brutes.

What kills magic?

  • The cell phone -- among friends and lovers, phones are silent and put away because they interrupt with trivialities. Don't be a spastic squirrel playing with your phone near good people.
  • Noise and talking -- filling all silence with sounds and babble will crush the possibility of thought. No one will wonder about anything or do anything other than react.
  • Practical concerns -- if one knows what they are doing, they already know the theory and goal and further discussion is merely expounding on the trivial. But to think about a topic with detached and bemused curiosity brings new thought and eventual mastery.

April 11, 2015

We Choose to Live as Exceptions

Testing to sterilize, constructing an abstraction of imaginary relations and numbers to approximate, yet miss the whole entirely until there is a perfect estimate that fails to much more than stand in as a lifeless dummy From any objective perspective, the situation is ridiculous. Our home is a planet flying around a nuclear explosion around a galaxy moving through space that is infinite, or seemingly so.

We live off the planet's bounty, eating what grows from seeds on its soil, temporarily borrowing protein from the flesh of other animals that eke out a living here, and eventually give back by turning over our expired bodies to feed insects and soil.

We might never escape the earth save for a few rocket experiments, losing our one chance to build something great by burning away non-renewable fuels to sit in traffic en route to numbing office jobs.

Human problems once settled have become unsettled. The natural has been subverted to override instincts, made difficult and baffling; the abominable prolific and common, blind of looming consequences.

Despite all hints about how the current direction is likely to conclude, we will be neither victims nor whiners, but remain true to ourselves and cheerful about what once was.

In the middle of hostile nothingness where almost everything created is soon destroyed, and a short life is promised eternal death, the best of our type nevertheless aspired to peak creations of symphonies, fine art, literature, philosophy -- most of these best works now unknown to educated moderns, obscured by trivial entertainment products.

Civilization was so capable it branched out into exquisite novelty such as doctors acquiring and spreading knowledge in fixing ailments of the human body. Others created inspired architecture and internal design that made living beautiful and functional. Some built transportation machines and bridges to connect distant plots of land, while those living off the land mastered the possibilities of cuisine, most often by maximizing possibilities with limited raw materials of dubious quality.

All this will be lost forever as the people with ability and spirit are gradually replaced by those who can neither create nor maintain great creations, but once there stood many who were beautiful exceptions.

April 10, 2015

Degenerate Consciousness

From the schools of business and war: lead with your strengths. We neglected our strengths for the immediately compelling drama of crumbling. The chemistry was primal. No one will ever know or appreciate you like that again.

The damage sets in: rape, wreckage, disbelief, and bitter lasting scars. Precious moments aborted by blunder.

What else can you call a squanderer of divine experience but a degenerate consciousness?

"Not everything that goes around comes back around - you know" - one realizes too late, and settles broken, desperate, defeated, and stripped soulless by a succession of fatal decisions.

Woeful creature! Others see your folly and know what you are supposed to do, but not you yourself.

April 5, 2015

Thank God For Fools

It sounded clever at first, so upbeat phrases were sold to suckers who paid well for the privilege of getting first cut at acting like innovative leaders.

The fools used them on others and imagined themselves wise. No quick day of reckoning came.

This led to grand comedy. A tractor trailer driver trying to deliver a shipment called the house owner to tell him his driveway could not be traversed by such a large vehicle.

"Don't tell me what you can't do. Tell me what you can do."

Even with broken English, the driver knew he was dealing with a fool who didn't understand the situation and had poor skills for basic assessment.

To demonstrate the fool's error, he drove as far up the driveway as possible so the impossibility and its corollaries could be understood.

Only when the owner saw the predicament caused by the foolish statements he had paid top dollar to learn did he realize that he was sold assertive positivity that was premised on pressuring others into compliance regardless of the situation.

It was a useful weapon for disarming employees with bad consciousness and was otherwise inapplicable.

April 4, 2015

Not Coming Back

Getting big, wide, and sloppy is not an event or a change, nor blameable on an overactive thyroid, slow metabolism, or other hastily invested scapegoat. It just shows a lack of caring about easily preventable causes. If you didn't want a belly, you wouldn't be eating donuts and drinking soda.

You didn't really care, so now you are inflamed and acting like a savage blaming magical causes instead of the plainly obvious one of your own doing.

Who will be fooled by this? You are not quite clever enough to trick yourself, and anyone who has delved into the psychology of the overweight is familiar with their denial, schemes, and profound dishonesty.

April 3, 2015

Sensitivity and Triggering

When dealing with people of European heritage, one must keep in mind that in the last 50 years the changes imposed on them have deprived them of family, friends, neighbors, and the civilization they created, effectively exiling them in an island-type seclusion where they remain without contact with warm souls or any level of society beyond the trivial or transactional. In this state of spiritual poverty, they are trapped alone to consume entertainment products and self-medicate, drifting progressively further away from health and sanity. With no one capable of maintaining it, everything their ancestors created slowly grows decrepit and will soon be lost.

Out of this trauma, they are accustomed to reacting against a fictional world spawned from the madness of their lonely vacuum. When making contact, you must assess their psychological soundness and motives for telling you anything in order to rehabilitate their reactions and assumptions in stated goals that are wildly off course. Trying to fix their faulty reasoning will not help their problem -- their emotional tantrum is the core damage that must be addressed. Once health and purpose are restored, sensibility will naturally return as well.

But first you have to get past their depressive haze and paranoid aggression that wishes revenge on any convenient target. It is not trying to solve problems -- it is a wounded animal lashing out.

March 29, 2015

Cheering for Science

Scientists aren't mistaken for nimble thinkers.

Their thinking is belabored and they fall back upon an apparatus of rules, without which they are naked and become unable to reason sensibly about basic topics.

Intuition drives the curious mind to wonder "what is really going on here?", and from that "how will this develop and play out?"

All people with a good record predicting outcomes use rational relations as their basis, though not necessarily a formalized system that can be taught to people who don't sense causal patterns and their consequences.

Those who need a formal science possess little natural intuition, and their joy of science in the abstract is the relief of being given rules by which to reason, as their natural reason is limited and poorly constituted.

Religions with doctrinal texts capture their confession of inherent defects -- consider the instinct of those who needed rules to tell them not to murder, steal, or covet another man's oxen.

March 28, 2015

Exploding Emotions

Every ebb and flow swells and bursts. No cumulative increase merely holds. All grows tense and taut from pressure, stretched overfull and in need of release.

Causes can be traced to roots that aren't easily pulled out, but can be poisoned and replaced by more controllable variants.

Previously only kings had jesters who entertained by playing the role of fools, relieving the stress of keeping a kingdom healthy.

Today most peasants imagine themselves kings for flipping burgers, attending meetings, and recycling email. They have giant televisions for amusement, though the madness of the news suffices for a daily dose of folly and hubris that is typically interpreted as having no cause or meaning.

A pattern reveals tendencies, which is offensive to the notion of spontaneous individual creativity.

To be fair, who could ever grow beyond their potential, which reveals itself at an early age? Or grow at all if their intellectual interests consists of defending whatever teachers and entertainers told them to believe?

Pointing out patterns is heresy. That it irks the lazy and stupid reminds that it is important.

March 27, 2015

Mentally Ill

There is a reason someone chooses to aim a plane at a mountain, even if another does not agree with the conclusion it implies When you walk a path around a small lake, you know where you will end up, so it cannot be considered an adventure to take a circular path that soon concludes at your starting point.

Thus to say someone who deliberately flies a plane into a mountain is mentally ill really says little more than the choice is contrary to fashion, which says nothing about the reason it was performed.

There are a thousand better ways to suicide that pose no harm to others, if one was concerned with harm caused to others. That the pilot wanted to take 149 others down with him was an act of revenge on society. Why he wanted revenge hasn't been disclosed, but the act wasn't about his sudden need to be obliterated or a material motivation to destroy the plane. He knew the plane was packed and he wanted to strike at its passengers, and society by proxy. You'll think about him every time you see a pilot exit the flight deck to visit the lavatory.

We dismiss his acts by calling him mentally ill, a designation now shared with the previously mentally deranged, a phrase disfavored in most countries because it has become impolite to be too honest. From political pressure, we merge dissimilar concepts in language, losing meaning and our ability to communicate clearly. This movement claims a motive of preventing people from being offended, but instead has provoked strange people claiming to suffer from triggering and microaggressions -- terrible acts for which lynch mobs of social justice warriors gather to judge ideas and words damaging to their ideology so they can gain power by restricting critical analysis and coherent ideas currently accessible from unrestricted sources.

Some will say they can't understand why someone would take 149 innocent people along with him to death. How polite and proper to disavow understanding! Perhaps they really can't understand -- and yet there was a discernible reason they could comprehend by considering the decision behind his act.

Quite simply: he assessed their worth and judged modern society. You might not agree, or even dislike his measurement and choice, and this too is just another assessment and judgment.

Call it a tantrum if that helps avoid considering his diagnosis. After years of clever taunts saying "start by killing yourself", he summarily answered with an act of steel conviction, perhaps imagining the passengers as the fools who offered cheap rhetoric instead of digging in to help solve pressing problems. In frustration with their denial and inadequacy, he offered his considered conclusion, promoted on news stations worldwide.

As Nietzsche advised, we won't understand much until moving beyond morality to assess facts as they are, rather than repeating popular slogans of fake sympathy and indulging in hysterical displays over what happened. That of course assumes you want to understand more than cry and proclaim hopeless confusion.

The pilot was young, able to participate in society, well enough trained to fly complex aircraft, including programming it to descend into a mountain and lock the other pilot out of the cockpit at an opportune moment. Though junior in status, he noticed the comfortable life and affluence of older pilots, and that his future was promised to have the same -- but decided it was not desirable.

Calling him crazy is an attempt to marginalize his decision to make it seem random and disconnected from a rational cause. It would indict society to say he did not consider a career as a pilot in this society to be a worthy aspiration. Earn a lot of money for the easy work of taking off and landing, marry a promiscuous girl who lures him into marriage so she can grow large with cupcakes and ice-cream, alternating between annoying and boring him while being useless to help around the house? He looked at the realistic avenues ahead and could not find any that were desirable, or even tolerable. He knew what opportunities his parents had -- those have been extinguished and replaced with degraded forms that fail at their necessary purpose.

It's fine to disagree with someone's decision, but disingenuous to pretend the chosen act doesn't convey an unmistakable message.

March 14, 2015

Don't Stick It In Crazy

Crazy is as crazy does, with nothing to show but depletion Crazy is wonderfully exciting as it struggles against dissatisfaction. Crazy tries to scratch an itch it can't quite identify, using rituals of pleasure and illusion that combines consumption of sex, drugs, and religion in search of temporarily escape.

There is no greater freedom than total abandonment of purpose. Living with crazy allows you to experience the limitless it derives from not being connected to the actual world, nor even very interested in it. After a while, you can sense what it will do next, and when it fulfills expectations you still marvel over how much secret suffering it endures to pay the costs of its recklessness.

Crazy people often have above average intelligence, which somewhat saves them from the immediate brunt of their actions. Their baseline state is troubled, and basic accomplishments evade them despite faking the appearance of competence and healthy goals.

They will tell you they desire an independent life of an unstable person. Mission accomplished! Were you to have access to their earlier years, you'd see the pattern that forms an extended history of nutty dysfunction, trapping a broken soul in marginal living.

Origin: there was never a masculine figure in their lives able to halt crazy exhibitions and impose stability.

Towards mutual dismay, you can't get anywhere with crazy. You can only have great moments, soon destroyed by atrocious decisions and appetites. Anything good in your relationship will be negated by a perpetually lurking binge.

It's nothing personal, and almost nothing ever is. A bumper car smashes about in a mess out of compulsion and power of possibility, sure to be stricken and liberated to strike others in an orgy of collision.

The crazy stumble about in dazed wonderment, like a fighter repeatedly stricken in the head. Every lasting pain was supposed to be innocent fun, but left high hopes and promises in shambles of free fall letdown. When they eventually realize they did it to themselves, the enemy in the mirror comes into full focus. To neutralize this threat, they retreat from themselves and all they know -- to start over with nothing, realizing everything so far was colossal error.

It follows that the more radical the change, the better, switching from a known constellation of defects to an unknown system they've heard championed by others of dubious wisdom, honesty, motives, and reason. Yeah, but still -- could any random path really be much worse than their perfect record of missteps? More correctly, it is not their traits that need to be suppressed and artificially replaced by fakery and pretension, only the purpose and manner in which they focus their traits. Crazy has little perspective on its actions, and even less on its remedies of self-abnegation.

The wholesale replacement of their will, values, and ideas instills a new person, namely a phony one constructed to match their notion of venerable expectations. They don't really think their adopted assumptions and conclusions are correct or truthful, but merely useful for the character they wish to exhibit to inhibit their overwhelming impulses.

The crazy wild streak exhausts itself and becomes a boring rule based robot no longer interested in much more than safe avoidance.

Perpetual fog is terrifying. What do you do when you can't see towards any edge or beyond? Madness reigns untamed, attempting a conception of rules to fake sanity, needing to extirpate instincts that were never mastered towards positive aims. Hollow husk! A sad creature occupies its shell, carefully limiting movements in order to reduce multiplicative errors sure to occur from unhindered exercise of poor judgment.

Souls too need to be maintained or else there's nothing to salvage when the self-abuse finally ends.

March 8, 2015

Whom Should Assert?

Cultural Marxists believe in a persistent revolution of the plebes that keeps high culture, ideas, and tradition at bay, replaced by the fashionable ideas of the day in a society of peasants grinding and gyrating against one another.

Argument reduced to mere assertion simplifies to a world of unconscious fantasies and fears. There is no need for facts or sensibility, only bold pronouncements of how the world should be. The cocksure debater tells of unfair dread in a world oppressed by unicorns, and therefore unicorns exist and the world is oppressed by them.

Questioning or critically inspecting claims is considered rude, insensitive, and other socially coercive words intended to prevent rational measurement.

Thus we conjure illusions and return to a time of societies governed by superstitions, stupidity, and ignorance while abolishing the culture of sensible people who could prevent the worst of this fate.

March 2, 2015

Secular Churches

Transforming universities from institutions of knowledge into secular churches of ideology disregards the accumulated wisdom of civilization in favor of specious assertions resulting from mental illness, resentment, envy, and feelings of inferiority.

It attempts to divert young minds to ideology, callously converting them into apologists, crusaders, and loyal liars on its behalf. They'll gradually grow angry as they try in vain to use its recipes to cheat and supplant reality by aggressively repeating the premises, theories, and conclusions of a system -- all invented as a way for a leader to gain power by using followers spreading its erroneous ideas. Their best efforts to wield this ideology as a navigational tool will leave them frustrated when it changes nothing, and most will double down on their ideology in hopes of gaining its promised reward.

Ideology is the gentlest and kindest control mechanism. When a student points out a logical flaw or lack of connection to reality, they are asked to retract their statement, open their mind to the wonderful truth of the enlightened ideology, and not to disrupt the class by pointing out errors of beliefs that all good people accept without question.

In a cult, this type of control is understandable so the doctrine is never closely scrutinized and the cult leader's sex party isn't interrupted. For young people trying to learn about the world and the civilization that is theirs to inherit, teaching nonsense with demonstrably false and dim-witted constructs is a terrible disservice -- doubly so when they are paying for the privilege despite originally intending to obtain a factually based education.

The process of ideological teaching is conventional.
  • Teach the ideology as modern and enlightened. Praise its followers as brilliant for obeying its doctrine.
  • Mention other ideologies as old and unenlightened. Condemn those who see other approaches as more realistic and producing better results.
  • Misrepresent the ideas and successes of other ideologies. Slander alternatives and encourage avoiding them, even if they remain technically legal to examine.
  • Claim great successes of your ideology, even if there are just a few coincidental individual examples and great collective misery. Call your ideology innovative and a work of genius, even if it was tried and failed long ago because it is incorrect and harmful.
  • Promote the ideology's popularity as more important than the inveracity of its claims or its damage to civilization.

Religious-based education is bad, but still allows a small percent of people to use its metaphors toward a deeper understanding, which is the original purpose for which religions were invented. Ideological based education teachings fail to achieve any positive gain despite their claims of beneficent intent, and in practice are observed promoting bitter grievances, conspiracy claims, false notions of nature, undesirable social goals, disharmony, distrust, vengeance, and bad motives.

Ideology and its narratives have aggressively stretched beyond any legitimate aims as they infiltrated healthy institutions, overreaching and leaning too far to remain stable, consequently making themselves absurd and unbelievable. The next wave of students will denounce institutional lies and NEVER FORGET this outburst of madness and superstition.

Restoring the gods would restore a healthy outlet for superstitious instincts and prevent secular churches from trying to pad its pews through unscrupulous means that leave lasting scars on the minds of youth.

March 1, 2015

MMA as Reality Check

Those who love reality find joy in the simplicity of direct unadulterated truth.

Those who hate reality seek protective shelter in complicated subterfuge that prohibits examination and confrontation.

You don't get to hide in a fight, and you can't keep the world away with clever social constructs. You must prevail over an opponent who is trying to prevail over you. These dynamics are baffling to the educated who make their living in bubbles of manipulation and compliance.

MMA is a high stakes strategy game like chess, except errors are punished with repeated punches to the head, strangulation, or limb overextention.

Many strategies can be honed to craft a winning career. You can play by going slowly and methodically to dissemble an opponent a piece at a time, strike aggressively to collapse him all at once, overload with feigns and surprise gambits, exhaust by pushing a pace the opponent can't sustain, or focus on a particular weakness for a submission opportunity.

The game isn't personal and actions don't impart intent. You might be punched in the head as a normal course of sparring, a knock out attempt, or just so that you move your arms to defend against punching so that the opponent can wage an attack on the moved arms. After the contest, most fighters will wipe off the blood and honorably shake hands or exchange a friendly embrace. They've experienced a great battle and appreciate their opponent's effort with empathetic awareness of what it entailed.

Those unwilling to engage in violence will also fail to understand its language and nuanced truths, relegating themselves to talking about a world of fictional conditions and relations that don't actually exist.

February 21, 2015

Art by Committee

Imagine art by committee -- it would satisfy all the bullet points agreed upon in the pre-planning meeting, yet would be completely barren and communicate nothing essential or original.

The utility of committees depends upon subdividing tasks so they can be fulfilled independently, so are accomplished faster than a single person performing all the work. No great awareness of the entire project is needed, just skilled labor able to follow directions for their part. Committees work mechanically and achieve mechanical results, never accidentally reaching the creative or thoughtful.

Now consider the solitary artist who must conceive every aspect of his creation under pain of it being flat or stillborn should he overlook a single detail. A complete vision is a prerequisite.

Every great work comes from a single mind.

February 9, 2015

Creating Privilege

Those who lack privilege are envious of those who have it.

Privilege is established through a track record of repetitive success and allegiance to high standards, showing that one is not an actor of low character merely talking and posturing about what they can't deliver. The mental health of society depends on privilege because it's rewarding to help the smart and active, and depressing to have your time or perfectly good resources wasted on people whose instinct is to predictably squander it.

The privileged have developed themselves beyond the trivial.

Where the unprivileged react to situations with expressive outbursts and frustration, the privileged quietly use reason and effective action to solve problems by first understanding their causes and then sensibly driving a situation to desirable ends.

The envious wish all were equal in dysfunction and incapability so that none would move beyond those conditions. They are angrier still that some know how to avoid failure and its agents -- and refuse to invest in schemes that won't work.

The non-privileged want what the privileged have created for themselves, through the non-privileged tend to do little more than demand their right to be given what others have created.

It is wise to create privilege by taking considered action and demonstrating one will not be a failure like the others, unless you know that is how your plans will end up.

February 7, 2015

Diversity as Magic

Genius creates civilization, and there must be capability of genius in a population or else it will never gather enough minds able to birth great works, or enough excellent minds to recognize what the works of genius indicate. There was once an intellectual class that set our cultural direction with demonstrative works of art, literature, and philosophy of the highest levels ever created. During the many centuries of this prosperous arrangement, the mob of mediocrity was quiet when the wise spoke, and people avoided looking ridiculous by arguing against wisdom. No clever negation of art had yet been attempted by claiming that the pop entertainers of the day were creating something of high quality that was close to the greatest works of civilization.

Several forces eventually united to crush the intellectual class and instill the mob in their place. Ignorant opinions rose to rule, becoming aggressively assertive and forceful to dissuade counterrevolution, criticism, and dissent from the ideology that desired to dominate all others by any means necessary.

The new ideology of revolution lacked inherently desirable characteristics, so focused strategically on destroying its opposition with soft attacks, propaganda, and maximum cultivation of crazy believers willing to open new fronts on its behalf. To prevent critical evaluation of its merits or logical incoherence, it fomented smokescreens of chaos by advocating individualism and baseless opinions so a cultural center was no longer visible and could not hold sway. To liquidate any remaining opposition, it used social force to subjugate all to its enlightened values.

The most foolish opinion no longer hesitated from concern over being wrong or mocked for its ignorance. Expressing desire for a belief to be true was sufficient to make it true. Nonsense was given the same worth as fact -- all opinions had been promoted to equal, whether they were correct or incorrect. Progress had eliminated the necessity of knowledge, freeing the masses from awareness of related ideas, their context, history, or superior alternatives.

Fine art too was overthrown. Great works were not destroyed, but abandoned as periodically dusted museum pieces from a level of artistic development no longer attainable, and in any case impossible to understand in a trivial culture of flash without substance. Complex paintings were replaced by splotches and single color canvases, which some considered clever commentary on the lack of ability and ideas in this era, though no one considered these paintings inspirational or showing artistic talent. Music evolved from creative expression articulating timeless truths to nursery rhymes for adults to chant.

Without intellectual or cultural standards, the level of public discourse dropped like a stone. Flattering ideology allured loyal supporters with promises of utopia for obedience to doctrinal positions and urged them to take over institutions to transform them into factories for this new thinking, which was really just lazy recycling of previous failed attempts, now with more ruthless marketing, willing to sacrifice many hundreds of millions for its viral victory.

Schools were updated from fertile exploration of ideas to partisan camps promoting sacrosanct tenets children had to repeat and respect to earn good grades from teachers. Degrees no longer conferred knowledge or ability, only obedience to instruction without resistance.

Just as under Communism, people knew the official ideas were a terrible lie, but obeyed because the authorities sought out dissenters to make an example of those who resisted and criticized doomed ideas supported by the system. This use of power steered students away from exploring ideas freely, effectively robbing them of an education, and indoctrinated most not by argument, but by repetitive assertion of their perfection, combined with deliberate misrepresentation and censorship of superior alternatives.

An inept dictator only has to string together a few decades before dying of old age or revolt, so never has to actually solve problems if he can effectively cast blame. After increasingly dismal results each year, a believable scapegoat for systemic failures has to be identified along with a new plan that purports the possibility of restoring previous levels of achievement and success.

After recognizing that art had been lost, music had become trivial, architecture was grotesque, education no longer informed, skilled craftsmen became rare, intellectuals had been extirpated, and thoughtful vision was lacking in all essential facets, the manipulators of public opinion needed to give a reason for this terrible situation, ascribe guilt, and propose their plan of action to restore the health of civilization.

The marketing message was decided. The people who previously created civilization were the problem. They were stingy with their capability and did not share their fruits with envious outsiders. The modern goal proposed maximizing size and ignoring quality, needing only to extract the secrets of the successful so prosperity could be created for the hopeless billions who wanted for themselves what others had created through the unconscious nature of their spirit.

After all, people were nothing more special than interchangeable zoological units, and it was only their secret methods and luck that gave them lasting success; therefore anyone using their methods would experience similar results. The land boundaries were special, not the cultivated traits of the people inside the boundaries. Leaders saw no use for the people who created high culture, bring civility anywhere they settle, seek to explore the cosmos, and use their abilities in autonomic transcendence. They were certain people were merely the creation of wise government teachings instructing their subjects how to vote and which talking points to repeat, though there was no beneficial evidence for this theory despite many tragic experiments.

The rulers posited a vibrant untapped wellspring of talent and ability in marginal cases of misfit outsiders who were not a part of the community. Salvation would be found in a novel conglomerate of unusual sexual identification, mental illness, backwards cultures, and angry bitterness towards the well constituted and harmonious.

The new doctrine said it would be possible to return to previous levels of ideas, ability, and culture by replacing the the living representations of that culture with less proficient people who were unfamiliar with the culture's works, disliked and disagreed with its core values, were utterly unorganized, uninterested, and could not maintain what others had previously created. This replacement would be equal, and better than the original.

Though previous generations fared well without soliciting help from this ragtag remnant, we were told to believe our salvation and return to excellence depended on their secret powers that had never been displayed, and had been carefully waiting or hidden in reserve until just this day when they were most needed. Therefore, we should esteem this special reserve with the highest respect and not scrutinize what our lying eyes observe of their behavior and tendencies. This narrative of superhero fantasy meeting conspiracy was waiting until the last possible moment before fatal destruction to usher in heaven on earth through its undeniable revelation.

Of course, to win this bliss required a new way of evaluating things, namely the rejection of everything ever noticed and experienced, and replacing it with its opposite. You shouldn't judge, except to judge against rational assessments. You should reject recognizable patterns as biases, and in their place should claim the opposite of what evidence substantiates. Lawyers advised clients against exposure from offending others, suggesting they stay silent and express no disagreements with official ideology or its implausible premises. These strange contortions were needed to make an ideal society, and accumulating swaths of cognitive dissonance were deemed a small price to pay for purity.

Those who sought fortune by leaving their own land of uncivilized people were to be considered completely unlike their countrymen, as if of a different lineage that hadn't proven itself through centuries of failure. The new belief was that no traits were inherent to people and moving their essence inside a different land boundary at once changes their instincts and traits that define their cultural expression, and that they would suddenly stop repeating behaviors that were plainly displayed in the standards of their nation.

With no intellectual class remaining to speak out against the obvious result of senseless actions and stop the ignorant from propagandizing foolishness, this revolution had no opposition and rolled on with the flaccid support of the majority who had been taught to autistically repeat slogans and obey the state's power.

It was not that civilization was defeated by reason, but that intellectual and culture standards had been systematically liquidated and their essential positions filled with vacant heads and rubber stamps permitting popular doctrine to run wild over sensible aims.

January 31, 2015

Working the Details

First I noticed her long and exquisite red hair from behind, and then I needed to see her face. It was pale and well featured with a perfectly straight nose, bright eyes, adorable mouth, and high cheeks, all indicating she was healthy and athletic. She wore a fashionable tight gray ribbed dress, with which you could see that her youth, good eating habits, and vigorous exercise had crafted a luscious body promising joy and durability.

As I scanned her to quickly surmise all this, she immediately noticed my curiosity and lithely came towards me to see what I'd do. We hadn't yet spoken and it was already clear that we were abandoning conventional flirting. While it's wise to not meet standards that accurately describe how most people fail, the real measure of all things is matching the essence of an organic principle rather than conforming to social tropes. In flirting, nature pulls men and women into a dance of chase to draw out details that ascertain the essence of one another, ideally revealing characteristics the other recognizes as attractive. If we peak too early from desire for what we wish to believe the revealed crumbs indicate, we'll love wildly and deeply in a few weeks of smoldering passion, or longer if desperately entranced by chimera, and soon enough the bottom falls out one day when desire's hunger is temporarily sated and in a moment of clarity the governing will surveys the state of the whole and discovers it has pursued an illusion lacking the substance the sensitive hippie dreamer character of spirit imagined would be found.

With nothing exchanged except our considered gaze, she cuddled next to me like a kitten, turned her eyes affectionately towards mine, and spoke with a voice like nectar, the perfect model of feminine allure. Who would not want to enjoy this bliss for the next twenty years?

It was then that I realized her genius was paying attention to important details and doing the grueling preliminary work so she could later present her cultivated results. From the way she exhibited her face in its best light and had taken care to dress a body that she had cultivated with smart eating and devoted exercise, she was displaying her well constituted essence nurtured to its finest condition.

Where some women work from a mindset of negativity that tries to hide flaws with makeup, push-up bras, and shapewear, she instead accentuated and developed her gifts, removing flaws and deficiencies by demonstrating her achievement of fitness rather than its cheap surface imitation.

Her apartment was clean and thoughtfully arranged, neither messy nor hiding junk away in an effort to make a good false impression. This simplicity was brilliant in its attainment of excellence. She was utterly non-deceptive, for at any moment she could merely present herself as she was and be rated well, for her essential character insisted on achieving the necessary with whatever she encountered, never seeking lazy escapes or apparatus to distract or conceal inadequacies.

She enhanced her natural beauty by crafting herself to charm and entice bountifully, fueling raging fires that would burn hard at immense lengths for great expanse. Others could learn from this approach and its superior results, but were caught up in presenting a fake character in place of themselves.

January 24, 2015

The Crowd is the Weakest Link

a well parked sleeper cell can fake average ability to avoid being eliminated by the mediocre who are envious of their superiors The creative class saw opportunity in their belief that others had too much free time, so copied a show from abroad to take up that time and steer people away from ambitious choices. Such artists!

Every episode was a primer in basic game theory. Like most modern social schemes forcing people together by unnatural random groupings or deliberate creation of dystopia to increase opportunity for exploitation, control, and helplessness, there is supposed to be nominal cooperation, but in practice everyone is primarily out for themselves and hides that motivation unless drunk, at which time they will proudly tell of their liberating world philosophy.

After each round of trivia, the team votes one member off. Inept players who failed to answer questions correctly to earn towards a growing jackpot are justly eliminated. But if a player demonstrates ability, they are also voted off because they are correctly seen as a threat to win the jackpot.

When low ability players are voted off, their mistakes are mentioned as the reason for their elimination. Superior players are treated differently by being voted off with a justification of feelings that they aren't trying hard enough or don't contribute to team spirit, even if they made no mistakes. This clever appeal to sacrosanct emotions reminds that a key purpose of socializing is to vocalize tropes that sidestep evaluation and truth, camouflaging an aggressive attack by trying to make it awkward for others to express skepticism and doubt about a particular statement and demanding sensibility and reason as standards in place of claimed feelings.

Just as the average have no use for the inferior, neither can the average tolerate their superiors, so when the average are given the power, they will liquidate their superiors and inferiors, leaving the mediocre to dwell safely amongst their own, neither oppressed by the burden of supporting inferiors nor eclipsed by their betters.

When being evaluated, we too can fake average abilities until there is opportunity to do away with the rascals who undermine fragile cultivation of excellence and sacrifice the best for their personal relative advantage.

January 13, 2015

While the Iron is Hot

When what you most fervently desire and are prepared to change your life for depends on another's agreeable assent, often their timing is not decisive enough to win that future.

You make your pitch and state your will, by no means a stranger suspected of vacillations, but your offer is gently rebuffed or passively deferred to a time that will not arrive.

Tell your new boy where I came

Months later, you've made peace with that dream dying, or have found another alternative, often a better one, as it was the direction that mattered, not the details. The old iron is cold, and when the other returns and now seeks the warmth of your previous offer, you are no longer able to accede or even find its notion desirable, as they could not move with you when the moment was perfect. Now there is not even a spark, and no aspect of the dream any longer sustains.

We sense moments of opportunity for long passion and our spirit burns to stretch and amplify them, recognizing what they can be. While others are free to decline this journey, their late return and accord after suffering the lonely shivering and doubt of a winter's prolonged cold rain are not the embers of passion to which we will respond, and we necessarily refuse to pursue what was lost to hesitation.

We go at the instant everything is right and needs to move forward, ardently kindling a lasting fire that keeps us hot and astir.

January 11, 2015

Enemy Regimes

They say the ideas of our enemies cannot be understood because they are fools or insane. The upside is that that fools and the insane should be easy to defeat.

We are given a summary of their ideology that succinctly calls it wrong, backwards and purposeless, without elucidating details for those who do not already agree with this dismissal of its merits. If the claim is true, those who hold that ideology will soon be a race between self-destruction and defeat by those they disturb.

With this discourse we are told of terrible fatal handicaps, and yet these crazed cripples display endurance far beyond what can be expected from the titles assigned to them.

Are we wrong about the viability of military tactics and nation planning ability of mentally ill fools with primitive ideas? Or do failed nations endure insular poverty far longer than expected, from expectation of hardship, minimal demands, and vigorously policing truths that cannot be spoken of the regime?

January 10, 2015

Brake Shoes

The sun is warm. There's no particular urge to do anything.

Filth and disorganization are the norm, entangling every effort, and this bothers almost no one.

Filth and disorganization are the norm, so everyone learns to tolerate it and its underlying psychology

A mix of failed cultures and people establish the level of the nation, leaving the underlying qualities of the populace who form the nation naked in the transparent result of their best efforts.

Mopeds and scooters exemplify core values of cutting off others before they cut you off, the crab bucket principle expanded into miserable traffic conditions so everyone's time is consumed by individualism.

Lines are inefficient and service is slow, constantly interrupted by people trying to cut ahead and cheat the system.

The lawless zone covers a large swath. The jungles are ungoverned and transit between cities at night is subject to vibrantly entrepreneurial robbery and kidnapping industries.

Un conservador es alguien que está de través de la historia, gritando Pare, en un momento en que nadie se inclina a hacerlo, o tener mucha paciencia con aquellos que lo inste a ello.
[Guillermo F. Buckley, hijo]

Corruption is commonplace and bribes are used pragmatically as a way of getting things done in an unsound system.

The organized and active quickly become wealthy from instincts that are noticeably different from the rest. They strive to keep their lineage unbroken. They buy out of society through expensive memberships in private clubs that are cities within cities: beautiful, accommodating, secure from crime, functional, and with a community composed of other organized, active people.

Endless trash to haul around, yet moving doesn't change the force behind its creation

Water is undrinkable. Other infrastructure is similarly deficient.

Alcohol is abundant -- crime too. Long nights of drinking and dancing means the mornings start late, and soon oppressive afternoon heat is upon you. Little is accomplished, and is typically performed by cutting corners, concerned with fooling through appearance of adequacy for a purpose, though quality is lacking and soon the work will have to be done again.

The mass prevents a foothold for exceptions to ascend, partly from jealous opposition to anyone who would break away, partly from ingrained instincts for short-term victories that preclude long-term advance.

The hard task remains: how will you keep their impulses in check to limit their destructive effect?

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