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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 18, 2014


Ruins prove there was once a great people and culture, but they lost sight of the path, were corrupted, made weak, no longer knew their souls, and spent themselves on error, bringing about their end. They did not correct their error in time, and thus perished. There's no need to measure its soul when it can be plainly examined.

Does it function well or is it falling apart in disrepair with no help in sight?

It is healthy or decrepit?

Growing more beautiful or ever more ugly?

Was it once strong and vibrant but now confused, self-contradicting, weak, lost, lashing out, and exhausted?

Does it produce timeless art, or has that ability long passed?

Is it becoming smarter or dumber? More noble or less?

Does it find itself confounded by simple problems that were previously settled and solved, now paralyzed and unable to give any honest or straight answer?

Does it look away from larger problems, categorizing them as off-limits, and attacking those who wish to discuss them?

Does it welcome discussion of ideas and consideration of their merits, or does it offer doctrinal repetition in place of critical thinking?

Does its future appear to be assured of upward refinement or chaotic decline? Will it one day be able to show any valuable achievements, or will it be judged for its lack of great works and the entire project finally abandoned as a costly mistake? Are good creations of its time achieved separate from its values and only despite its heavy hand?

Many cannot be coerced to join the unhealthy and act against the good. What will it do with such inconvenient counter-demonstrations?

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