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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 10, 2014

Heisenbergian Knots

Conversing about another's relation to an important topic often will not correct defective behavior or its underlying causes, but only serves to provoke reaction that agitates and inflames toward no productive end, preemptively aborting a positive resolution and leaving the unacceptable problem to continue unabated.

Those who cannot handle directness and impersonal discussions about function might do better seeing examples of others who are making similar mistakes, abstract talk about ideas without any particular conclusive direction, and other open-ended streams of thought that might take months or years for them to realize are also closely related to their lives.

Whether from poor forethought, faulty instincts, inflated ego, or prior psychological damage, the emotional attachment to a ritualistic pattern prevents honest self-evaluation and empathy, condemning the subject to solipsistic acts of destruction that come with a fully equipped defensive system poised to protect it from interruption of its routine or critical evaluation of behavior. It aggressively repels anything that would call its accustomed actions into question as it burrows in deep like a drug addiction or religious doctrine that justifies itself as the center of the universe, never permitting sight of a larger context that reveals its spurious assumptions or alternative possibilities.

Do we even want honesty or truth? With words we reflexively say yes, but with actions we prove no.

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