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  October 13, 2014

Media is a Victim Too

The media is victimized by the public and acts out from prolonged abuse and unresolved trauma. Media needs people to pay attention to it so it can sell commercials to convince a credulous public to part with their money for shoddy products they don't need that will make them unhealthy.

Making people pay attention to news items is difficult because politics, entertainment, sports, and crime are terribly banal subjects, so media tries to dress up a boring learning disabled pig in whore's makeup and then treats it very seriously with a phony presentation in an effort to fool people into thinking it is a fascinating genius beauty queen.

Media tries to amuse the public by telling childish stories, repeating popular misconceptions, simplistic viewpoints, comfortable lies, and naïve optimistic fantasies, often returning to reference fables like Robin Hood, David and Goliath, and other favorites of the failed and downtrodden who seek their advantage through revenge against the capable, wise, active, and resourceful.

Media manufactures lurid perspective and villains to distort truth into standardized narratives, carefully avoiding any discussions about the ineptness of common people, their lack of planning, their opposition to good results and sensibility, and their use of false motives to disguise empty broken selfishness. Nuance is unwelcome and detailed facts are shorn away to fit stories into entertaining patterns that can be reused frequently to arouse drama and outrage.

Reporters are forced to write stories at a third-grade level while falsely flattering their readers as being informed, concerned, thoughtful, enlightened, and able to connect simple events. Every story can only be discussed superficially and as if disconnected from all historical preparatory events and consequences. No critical analysis or insight into failed policies, ideology, behavioral traits, or anything important is possible because those would upset consumers and be interpreted by narcissists as unwelcome criticism, creating a poor environment for peddling useless products to consumers.

News is regular in its manufacturing, whether formed as a daily program, newspaper, weekly magazine, or frequently published internet site. It must churn out constantly new stories to fill pages and minutes with material, even if nothing important has taken place. It stretches with filibustering to make 3 minutes of news take an hour (with 22 minutes of commercials) and three sentences stretched into a babbling article of 1500 words.

Media treats everything with equality, inflating the trivial and flatly reporting the essential, both as if told by someone with advanced Alzheimer's, unaware of what happened five minutes ago, much less a week, year, decade, or century ago. Every story is isolated, random, and dramatic, depicted as yet another an irrational event of entertainment to be spectated from afar and puzzled over as meaningless confusion imposed by strange actors.

The measure of media is ratings, clicks, and circulation counts striving for the highest number possible to maximize profit, with substance, objective truth, quality, and relevance neither measured nor considered. Only the new is reported, not ever reference to events in even the past that have come to be seen in new light. Disposable novelty is essential to the entertainment product.

Media once had better people as an audience. In retargeting towards people without critical thinking skills, it masterfully gains popularity but fails to inform, or worse -- informs incorrectly with soothing deceptive flattery.

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