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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 30, 2014


When someone is flailing about, yelling at them to stop flailing does not change their behavior. A philosopher would attempt to calmly speak with them about their actions and the harm they will surely bring about, and the subject will usually understand, acknowledge, and agree, yet the modern will continue his madness all the same without interruption, as his motivations are irrational and reactionary from psychological malnourishment.

With reason banished and the outcome inevitable, the subject's sole value remains as a demonstration of his type. What does the behavior of flailer look like? How is their disposition during their chaotic grasping moments of need and depravity? Is the imprint of their doomed downfall so strong that it could serve as a lasting warning to others who enter the orbit of flailing?

The state's justice is capricious and rotten. A fine in no way compensates for someone driving faster than the designated speed limit, nor is the principle of the fine ever explained. A period of time wasted in jail fails to fix any claimed offense or in any way improve the situation, but only agitates the punished who gains an unquenchable thirst for revenge and criminal training in an environment of diverse professionals.

But nature's justice is beautiful. When someone is making egregious mistakes that will soon cause themselves great injury, we must merely remain at a distance and allow them to indulge in their rash actions, which resolve themselves appropriately without defined intervention. They are instructors in error, and their example is valuable to others.

We need do nothing to stop those who are creating disaster. One either acts in accord with nature or stumbles off cliffs and into waiting wolf dens.

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