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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 17, 2014


You can be anything if you choose action that will bring about those results, but first you'd have to know how to choose, how to avoid self-deception, how to recognize dead ends, and how to understand what others have already shown bring about those results. Most acts are failures. We are blessed that people are usually paralyzed by lack of will and do not act, or act impotently.

Once we accept the best possibilities often meet vast nothingness, action is seen as a rare exception. Even if this exception occurs, it typically misses any positive target for reasons that all derive from lack of awareness.

It's a notable exception for someone to act sensibly and appropriately, almost a miracle. It happens on occasion and should not be expected without evidence suggesting ability to focus on reality.

In a lifetime, you can achieve excellence in several areas, and very good results in many. For example, in the physical: health, strength, physique, and athleticness, you can become great with a year of devoted effort and breathtaking by three, yet most make no effort, or inconsequential token efforts, and call the goal impossible, as if no one has ever accomplished it, giving themselves invented evidence as a reason to smartly quit early before exerting effort better spent waiting for magic, privilege, and the cruel revenge of confiscatory economics.

You can master any area of study, from obscure astrophysics to a musical instrument in 5-10 years, but most never try, and pass through life without having developed basic knowledge or skills in any area. Too clever to attempt anything, they achieve nothing except the most passive existence.

Our virtue is the force that steers all moving objects closer to reality -- the only judge that matters -- and stabs deep into deceptive arguments, fraud, lies, conspiracies, assumptions, hope, and other malignant projections. Every deception should be cut, choked, and brutalized by the cruelest truths, and if not put down at once at least critically injured and its fatal weaknesses demonstrably exposed until the false fall faster than they spawn, and no one longer thinks it cute or innocent to promote pending catastrophes.

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