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  July 20, 2014

Surveillance Creeps

If you want to get anything non-trivial, you will need exceptional intelligence as an engine and a wild spirit that is curious and desirous for creating with the possibilities of the world With higher quality people, you could create an entirely different society where new possibilities would emerge. A key point to Herrnstein and Murray's The Bell Curve was that an increase or decrease in just a few IQ points had tremendous social effects, and an increase, or at least prevention against a decrease, was highly desirable. For example, beginning at 115 IQ, a person is able to gather and infer their own information, an initial starting point of sentience from which cultural creation can begin.

Given that intelligence is a rare resource with valuable raw potential, it would be desirable to restore the purpose of education to focusing on the gifted instead of recent shift favoring the average or disabled, as only the gifted create the positive aspects of civilization.

Surveillance societies so far haven't worked because they have been the domain of creeps and low minded people tolerant of overreaching, petty, fraudulent, and corrupt behavior. But some theoretical benefit of snooping on everyone's communication and private lives might be attainable if the people doing the snooping were completely different than they are. That's essentially asking for a different reality.

The US even 70 years ago, when it was a fairly healthy society, probably couldn't be trusted to intercept and collect communications. Today they can't be trusted at all, as bad behavior and personal use has shown (only the known cases are counted), not to mention the US will soon be Brazilian in character, with regular corruption, chaos, illogic, disorganization, dysfunction, and diverse lack of community standards allowing anyone with power to do whatever they want to the rest, against the interest of whatever vague semblance of a nation still remains in the mess that was once a homogeneous and unified land.

Europeans can't be trusted to intercept and monitor their citizens either. Their governments also advocate policies and ideas harmful to their people and against their citizens' interests for the sake of a destructive ideology no one wants. Their governments pass new laws and policies to gradually destroy the nation's future, contrary to the government's historic role of maintaining the strength of the nation. Governments across the world are slowing taking apart their inherent wealth through deliberate degradation, and citizens are unable to stop their governments from doing so.

Perhaps the Japanese, who like many east Asian populations have a high peak average intelligence with fewer people at the margins, could run an honorable surveillance state with rules drafted to ensure its sole concern was state security from external threats, and all political motives, personal snooping, scope creep, and vindictiveness was strictly forbidden, which would require oaths of honor and respect by the surveillance agents snooping on citizens.

Until we cultivate better people, the badly flawed ones will continue to fish through personal data with creepy behavior that doesn't remotely address a public policy goal and only serves to worsen security.

As the media and elites force a discussion on immigration reform that presumes adding millions of unskilled and low IQ people to the voter and welfare rolls to make the future no citizen desires, let's direct the conversation to whether adding these people will result in a superior quality population (because they are high ability talents), a same quality population as now (which we could achieve by taking no action), or whether we would reasonably expect their addition would create a lower quality population with lesser mental ability.

By measuring likely consequences, we can wisely assess a good course of action.

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