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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 18, 2014

Dream Big and Wild

Political correctness inserted itself where it wasn't needed and dug in to establish a position to censor truths and replace them with new words and obscuring palaver.

Speech and conduct codes further reinforced unreality, imposing shame, silence, and compliance to keep the world at an abstract manipulated distance. They targeted young minds to turn into ruled subjects by programming them as simplistic utility robots by paralyzing instincts and forcing dishonesty. All of this was bad enough, but the crazed destroyers of civilization were hungry for more.

They invented trigger warnings, microaggression, even rape with the eyes. Anything not conforming to sterile nothingness was accused, especially nature, which was unfair, unequal, and merely a social construct, a hierarchical one at that, and therefore wrong according to the rebels.

Nature was to be castrated, marginalized, and replaced by newly invented social constructs. They were sacrosanct, despite lacking reason or evidence, and demanded respect despite their specious assumptions and consistently negative results. Those who questioned or mocked them were attacked, fired, called hateful names, and ostracized for disobedience to the decree of rulers.

They hated religions because many are strange and untrue, so they built their own secular religion and made it the strangest and most untrue of all.

Dream big and wild! But please don't unleash your crazy folk on the public.

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