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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 12, 2014

In My Experience

The personal narrative portrays itself as a comprehensive explanation of deep insight bringing enlightenment to all who hear it. More correctly, it is usually an isolated case without anything general or specific to teach.

Instead of promoting effort to achieve desirable possibilities, it encourages waiting for a result someone else attained in different circumstances. It casts accusation and suspicion on the active and successful, demanding privilege for those who merely show up, and even those who are discriminated against by secret conspiracies and blow off showing up so they can play video games for another hour.

Previous discourses measured positive outcomes by the effort needed to achieve them, with stories detailing excellent attempts. Modern discourse seek to bypass effort, calling it oppressive, and expressing dramatic displeasure for disciplines such as planning, organization, knowledge, thought, and sustained hard work.

Moderns imagine everything should be free and easy, given to everyone, normalized on the low, venal, envious, and unrealistic.

No parades will be thrown for your ability to sit through lectures or meetings, complete a test, or reply to emails. A college degree or salaried job impresses no one and confers nothing exceptional, and accordingly nothing exceptional will be given to you.

You'll have to figure out the unclear and teach yourself the unknown by doing it. You can devise theory if you need it, but only the application matters. No backup is coming, so don't wait for others to arrive and show you the way. Everything around you is murky and falling apart, and still you must go forward, cast it into clarity, and reckon how to hold things together.

This is the only way to get anywhere. They don't teach effectiveness in schools, and they might have beaten it out of your parents, but it is the only way to stay atop every situation that matters. It keeps life joyful, as everything remains possible, needing only your touch to be oriented properly, and it takes away common avenues of failure reached by excuses, lack of legitimate interest, and self-victimization.

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