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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 31, 2014

Talking About Doing Things

After going far with communication, skepticism creeps in about the value of effort spent communicating.

Talking doesn't move anything closer to its completion or organize the chaotic, but appears more like an ineffectual scheme of avoidance producing no results or even distant preparation. You might as well argue with people.

Given that clarity is necessary to posit goals and their component steps, once someone has awareness, only action is needed, and talking about what we should be doing is redundant or evasive. When awareness is lacking, clarity must first be reached, and it doesn't follow from socializing, gathering random opinions, or falsely affirming popular trends to signal passive compliance to the localized public.

Clarity is anti-theoretical. If we desire a particular outcome, the tasks needed for its actualization aren't guesses or hopes, but denote a clear-headed articulation of its unfolding structure. More pragmatically, effort towards the outcome should gradually develop into its realization until becoming demonstrable, or else you had no idea what you thought you were doing.

When your plans for the next few centuries are clear, communication is mostly a parasitical tax that prevents goals by tolerating interruptions from the confused and undirected.

There are many ways to defend against communication, simplified by dropping out of brutal leashes like email and phones. Texting is avoidable as basic decency -- it's offensive to utter at others or be uttered at; low effort is far worse than an ambitious failed attempt.

As a teenager and young adult, it's easy to spend months talking with someone about desires and dreams. Talk entraps as it becomes proxy for action, and usually nothing talked about ever happens, and probably wasn't meant to. You could get entangled in that fantasy world, or move on and do what beckons curiosity and calls you, assuming your dreams are not ludicrous ideas, like wanting to be an astronaut.

One sees what is theirs, what must be done, and what others have not yet done and will not. Very well then -- your personal tasks await, or else will never in time be touched by anyone else.

Talking is like a child's dream that concludes with a compelling image that satisfies, rather than a new truth crafted into reality. What we really want most of all is the attainment, which has to be reached through a series of actions, not talking about the infinitude of possibility or constructing marketing images that appeal to vanity.

Awareness of our short lives prompts focus. We could talk about the necessary forever, so long as we didn't become sentient, or we could choose to quietly direct consciousness to achieve our goals. As talk proves nothing and generally deceives, attempting to convince the opposite of appearance, achievements are the best proof of attainment and ability, a counterproposal to communication and shorthand marker designating a lack of interest in idle chatter.

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