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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 21, 2014

Anyone Can Sing

Until a few years ago I couldn't sing and hadn't ever seriously tried, as the pop music I listened to was screamed death metal, black metal, and punk. Clean vocals was what the phony, stupid, or soulless used -- at least what I had ever heard, so there was no reason to pay much attention to it or emulate it.

This changed after a few lucky finds of singers whose style matched my soul. After realizing voice is just another instrument to master musically and practicing a few hours a day with ruthless criticality, singing began to unfold easily.

Hitting every note can be hard, but each challenge is eventually met, and what once seemed impossible soon becomes a fun ride. This beautification campaign introduces singing everywhere. Your lover's heart will melt each time.

Dazzling friends and strangers at karaoke is small time when you can sing without training wheels for large audiences on stage. From a distance it seems daunting, but it's not much more difficult than talking once you become acquainted with what you're doing, and stirring a crowd is fun.

With a good regimen and born ability, you'll be a good singer within a few months and solid in a year, refining onward into a beautiful instrument.

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