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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 27, 2014

Preserving Wolves

Hunting down what has attracted attention, can be eaten, and cannot defend itself Wolves survey the territory for creatures gone astray or grown unfit -- easy prey cleansed from the landscape by nature's efficient recycling program that allows all attempts and mercilessly punishes failures, even her own innocent experiments, by removing the error and reintroducing the remaining valuable raw materials for new combinations. You might even interpret the decrepit, broken, and unsuitable to be offering themselves up to nature for appropriate removal, aware they have failed and are unrepairable.

We preserve wolves to maintain balance and keep a loaded weapon against excess and false notions of safety. Rape, robbery, assault, and murder are ever looming, undissuadable by man's laws no matter how numerous. Your entire society is fragile and quickly put to rest forever by immigrants, diversity, loss of purpose, or a large military able to shrug off waves of massive losses for temporary occupation of territory they can't uphold or improve upon. Sun shines for a while, so enjoy its warm comfort knowing the shadow of lawless night comes soon and deathly winter waits for its blanketing season of conquest.

Green eyes that allure and wish to kill you with its face Without wolves to ruthlessly rend flesh with their fierce jaws and smart unrelenting hunt for prey, we'd have no sweetness, love, or profound music. All tender beauty can be instantly and easily destroyed, taken away from our appreciation, leaving us with the monotonously average. The danger posed to us impacts awareness and appreciation of what we can create in precious moments with a shared desire and its nourishment, as well as how a single thoughtless outburst breaks sustainment and summons to wolves to feast at crippled carnage.

Wolves provide the service of cleaning up beauty fallen into mess and contradiction. With wolves alert to pick and pluck at hubris and defect, we stay tidy, tuned, and unstraggled.

May the wolves forever remain strong and well fed.

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