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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 26, 2014

Third World Values

When the national plan is to escape the place your people have built, this is not a plan. The airline pilot is well paid compared to his fellow countrymen, living in a nicer part of the charming but filthy crime-ridden city. When walking around the city and trying to live for a while, you notice they haven't invented lines yet, nor anything organized, instead sticking to a culture of impulsive moments, obedience to power groups, and spontaneous urge. They aren't in a hurry to get places. Sunlight is abundant year round and there's no rush to accomplish anything.

As head pilot, he has his neck on the line and doesn't want to die at the controls, but this desire to avoid death isn't supported by the necessary deep knowledge, forethought, or planning -- those don't have deep roots in his culture. They have laws of a sort, but when caught a person can avoid penalty through customary bribes or personal connections.

Will he take seriously the regulations on not drinking alcohol 12 hours before a flight, or laugh it off as a silly law for weaklings? When some aspect of the flight becomes shaky, will he wisely reason through it, or make rash decisions and poor assumptions that doom everyone?

You can plainly see what culture these people create and their collective abilities. It's too cruel to wonder where their space program is. And yet you trust them for safe transport of all types? They don't have clean public water, never have, and perhaps never will. Their elites would have to surge in large families to proportionately overtake the masses. Instead, both capable and incapable are looking to flee their wretched nation, and none think it possible to ever clean up the disorganization, wrong-headed thinking, and sabotaging actions. They consider escape their best plan, which collectively expresses complete lack of faith in the ability of the people and in turn the nation their talents created.

The guy flying your airplane is a representative of a failed culture and people. You are strangely trusting his abilities to handle unknown unknowns, understand their subtle variations and impacts, and solve them expertly. These notions are foreign to people of his land and lack historic examples. Yet you expect him to be utterly unlike the rest of his countrymen?

When you measure a spirit, note when they have no great works of art, nothing transcendent, and no classic literature translated to world languages. It's a mistake to assume all fruits grow on undistinguished soil.

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