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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 6, 2014

Men Need to be Educated Better

Girls growing up in a generally healthy environment are themselves generally healthy. They'll have cultivated a few flaws that are easily correctable if they want to improve themselves. After removing their accumulated sense of entitlement, acceptance of wise feedback allows them to make small changes, in turn refining them into suitable companions for a lifetime of love.

a woman is your friend. do not beat on her. love, cherish and protect her

The challenge is to fix the rough and ugly edges that draw attention and eclipse the whole, distracting from the naturally beautiful. This bad behavior towards herself and others creates a contrast with her ideal that accents the unbalanced and disharmonious.

Teaching a woman to be pleasant also means teaching her to not be unpleasant, which is difficult when the predominant culture promotes assertiveness (i.e. getting what you want at the expense of others while rejecting holistic consideration and empathy), independence (i.e. hedonism), drama (i.e. using others as entertainment), and narcissism (i.e. pointless babbling about the irrelevant).

The traditional finishing school taught young women how to avoid being loud and rude. These schools lost popularity when women were converted into loyal company workers and loud rudeness became tolerated in public, no longer receiving looks of scorn or requests to be quiet and decent. Worse, the skills they were previously taught remained necessary but were now lost, leaving women unprepared for suitors as they went into the dating market with nothing pleasant to offer.

Will and willingness.-- Someone took a youth to a sage and said: "Look, he is being corrupted by women." The sage shook his head and smiled. "It is men," said he, "that corrupt women; and all the failings of women should be atoned by and improved in men. For it is man who creates for himself the image of woman, and woman forms herself according to this image."
"You are too kind-hearted about women," said one of those present; "you do not know them." The sage replied: "Will is the manner of men; willingness that of women. That is the law of the sexes - truly, a hard law for women. All of humanity is innocent of its existence; but women are doubly innocent. Who could have oil and kindness enough for them?"
"Damn oil! Damn kindness!" someone shouted out of the crowd; "Women need to be educated better!" - "Men need to be educated better," said the sage and beckoned to the youth to follow him. - The youth, however, did not follow him.

Man is drawn to challenges, and none loom more necessary than trying to help modern females fix the problems caused by this era. Man becomes a mix of psychologist, physical trainer, chef, manager, and replacement daddy, and must teach her essential skills for being a valuable woman -- skills that were known to nearly all generations before the current one. Sure, a man could cook and clean for himself, or hire a third-world maid and eat at restaurants, but both approaches are perfectly self-sufficient and inevitably exclude women for their inability to contribute to the homestead, leaving her broken, without basic skills, and a helpless victim of modernity.

Some try to hide away in clothing, jewelry, makeup, education, or drugs. None of these conceal her essence, but this attempt to disguise it only creates further suspicion. What desirable girl is not best naked, free of adornments and imposture? Costumes are ridiculous and a failed shield, serving only to keep oneself at a distance from the world, while providing no actual protection against imagined harm, when the greatest harm is being brought to oneself through this pretense and paranoid posture.

A human's goals are simple:

  • achieving high standards within their potential and awareness, working diligently and tenaciously for results, never resting on excuses
  • seeking improvement in performance and worldview, expanding interests, knowledge, consciousness, and connectivity
  • remaining true to their authentic potentially so their life is a demonstration of spirit fulfilling its destiny
These needs are fulfilled by the role of education.

Education means acquiring knowledge applied to form understanding which is followed by action to attain goals. To merely collect facts for no purpose is to play with trivia; to not connect knowledge into a coherent whole is to hold fragmentary consciousness like someone perpetually texting; to not act when aware of attainable outcomes is laziness, self-renunciation, or nihilism.

If a man does not choose to educate himself better, he can never address problems that arise from new appeals to the masses that sound good but run contrary to the eternal truths of nature. There are faults everywhere, and it is up to man to not only recognize them, but to set them straight.

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