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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 4, 2014


You never decided to be smart, tenacious, hard working, or creative. You always were what you are, from the earliest days of childhood, with a long history of accomplishments meeting success, offering a wide path forward from your predilections. You know of no other way, and yet others have lesser or opposite tendencies, experiences, and temperament, causing them to struggle while casting blame and accusations at those who don't share their shortcomings.

Nothing was done for these abilities as they are innate. One were lucky, or carefully cultivated, to be born with them and can only do poorly by injuring themselves until their gifts no longer gleam. The capable find their situation to be normal, as all people consider the reality to which they are accustomed to be appropriate, without any particular awareness or empathy for alternatives. Accordingly, the gifted have become accustomed to having gifts, as prolificacy has always been present and will always produce abundantly. The fruits of these gifts are utterly expected by all who have come to learn of those abilities, including those who possess them. The gifted compounds this situation by segregating in favor of others born similarly instead of sharing with the incapable and needy to produce a more even average. "All should have great gifts," says the entitled person innocently while imagining the world in its ideal.

What supermodel ever willed beauty? What genius ever willed intelligence? The only change possible is negative, i.e. the force feeding of junk food and alcohol, rejection of activity and curiosity for a life of dullness and externalism, and other choices that deface and repel. The rest is naked revelation of inherent essence and substance.

"What did you ever do to deserve your fulfilling life?" angrily questions the self-appointed head judge of the disgruntled entitlement police. For to show great effort is to admit guilt for being born well with the traits of devotion to conceived goals, and to show minimal effort yielding success as a result of efficient use of great abilities is admitting even more guilt, for both paths are foreign to those who enviously accuse.

The question is jarring, and when it is taken at face value rather than as a rhetorical attack to gain advantage, no one can explain their positive traits, accomplishments, thoughts, strategies, partnerships, and other characteristics of success. Entire political parties are founded on this attack, as are those who reject the attack, and mass movements exist for self-identifying groups who will never demonstrate any notable ability and are angry about it, insisting their non-efforts be treated the same or better than the excellent, and receive reward for what the public recognizes and rejects as having no value.

To ask why someone deserves a good life is rhetoric, for everyone gets only what they deserve. The question demands a justification for being well constituted, for which there is no answer, just as no one can make another better beyond their potential which will always be achieved eventually. The question is a sort of linguistic riddle proxy for politics, basically asking as a referendum and traffic light beggar: "How can we who were born badly gain some of what you have, as our system says we are equal, yet you have more and ability to gain more. We demand the same, and accuse you of cheating, or at least of disobeying equality by keeping us down through your relatively better outcome."

Trick questions identify their betters and cast blame on them for doing well. They might as well be proving witchcraft.

Good results and bad results are both predestined, and thus blameless. No one earns either outcome - the outcomes manifest from the character of the person and their inextricable traits. In the larger scheme, the aggregate of these traits show national characteristics, tendencies, specialties, and levels of success known from the nature of the people who form a nation, or once established its greatest accomplishments before it waned when its population was replaced by less capable people.

To the gifted, spending years working at a problem of their own choosing, a problem whose contours don't even enter another's consciousness and thus never troubles them, and then to find its elegant resolution, seems perfectly natural. All things beckon to reveal themselves to such a spirit, from the concrete and direct to the artistic, whether a form of an image or melody of a song not yet written that offers itself up to be captured and recorded, or an idea not yet seen that needs a proper articulation. This person has the vigor to get through the most difficult challenges, whether physical tests of strength and endurance, spiritual tests and doubts in the most barren landscapes, or needing to devise and perform new strategies to triumph over strange but worthwhile situations where no ready-made solutions are known or available.

To be born well is entitlement, and there are powerful forces of equality whose greatest desire is to ensure such entitlement is snuffed out so all can exist on an identical footing of perpetual struggle with the trivial. If the golden geese grow strong together and spread wide, the forces of destruction will be helpless against the endless strength and replicating beauty of nature.

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