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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 13, 2014

Double Concerto

One of our top social problems is the shortage of double concertos and the utter lack of great people able to compose.

With taxation's purpose having been hijacked into a mechanism for wealth transfer rather than its original purpose of funding essential shared infrastructure, government needs to be pressured to utilize this extracted money to research time machine technology.

With a mature time machine program, government officials could then be useful by going back in time to kidnap high quality people capable of composition and use public monies to fund composers and their necessary conditions so timeless works of excellence are more plentiful.

If they are successful in kidnapping composers from the past, they could expand the program to include kidnapping of painters, sculptors, philosophers, architects, and a wide range of other once plentiful talents lost to antiquity. Instead of looking to low ability, low intelligence third-world laborers to raise the quality of the nation's population and magically make it competitive when compared against homogeneous nations of high ability and intelligence, the government could steal great people from centuries ago, perhaps even forcing them to breed a prolific race of highly skilled and artistic geniuses on a sensitive plantation, run by kind caretakers who carefully and considerably tend to their needs and social growth.

This progressive technology and wealth could then bring about a high culture, or at least the creation of great works, while the masses continue to spend their limited time watching ball games, reality dramas, and explosion-based movies while carefully monitoring their phones for incoming fragments of nonsense.

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