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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 26, 2014

How the World Should Be

Youth obediently follows TV, movies, and popular sentiment, thereby knowing how the world should be, namely put to practical use for their advantage. This infused wisdom teaches that the world is not the result of people's actions, which are driven by their instincts, interests, and abilities, but is an arbitrary set of relations without reasons or biological basis for its configuration, in fact little more than a series of social constructs to be rearranged on a whim by whomever dislikes nature and wishes to reconstruct it with new scales of justice, for their personal benefit.

We are free to believe anything, no matter how absurd or destructive, but a good measure of our health would be how the people of today size up to previous generations and whether modern man is seen as remarkably puny, disabled, broken, and incapable when their abilities are compared to what others were previously able to achieve, and the expectations that once existed, i.e. one would not offer an opinion based on spontaneous feelings, but would be well versed in the topic, popular arguments and rebuttals (so as to have a foundation from which one must go farther rather than repeat for identity politics), and to have considered the topic on their own with personal interest, respectful of the fact that blurting out thoughtless stupidities harms the possibility of intelligent discourse and makes the ignorant individual the focal point of a discussion, rather than the topic, which if not assaulted with idiotic personal opinions has the possibility of being discussed by intelligent, thoughtful people who have undertaken interested study of it.

If people are far inferior today, why is that, and why is such a condition well tolerated? Should we not aspire to strive for what our ancestors could achieve rather than becoming still smaller, dumber, weaker, less aware, more spaced out, and more incapable?

Those who believe in inheritance are not going to give away their accumulated ancestral wealth encoded into values and heritage for the sake of obedience to the popular utterances and postures of the moment, particularly when contemporary health and creations are of such negligible value that they continuously drive us back to older formations that brought ascending success and timeless works of far greater depth and spirit than emerge today.

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