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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 9, 2014

Two Part Holy War

I. Attack soft targets that make life meaningless and promote a petty culture
II. Support the restoration of excellent and high values, spreading them to capable minds, some of whom will join this Holy War

Cloaked by the night, our strike is a surprise.

Over millenia, the West created a few hundred great people, or more correctly, a few hundred great people created the West. Their efforts began by building footholds on nothingness, and then expanded outward and upward, a project unlike any other in conception, scale, intricacy, and consequences.

Not until modernity were the greatest works and their continuity ignored and replaced in favor of trivial amusement, as the newly developed ability to utilize personal entertainment was promoted as normal, even desirable, and highly effective in taking up people's time. It became a new center of gravity, replacing the meaningful and fulfilling. Watching a screen was a reward of numbing nothingness, opiatic in its loss of sensation, allowing the days to pass like a meth binge, with far less to show for the indulgence.

This sweet sugar transformed the temple of man into a diabetic behemoth melded into the couch.

Interest in the world, society, eternal truth, and compelling mystery gently faded away like a mix of senility and exhaustion before death from old age, liberated into a freedom that existed to laugh at fabricated situations. He could only achieve excitement by watching men throw balls around, and no longer found purpose except in moving cartoon characters around on a screen. The simulation of life failed to stir the soul, yet was tolerated, adopted, and propagated.

The controls of our most powerful and capable craft were handed to the masses, the same geniuses who consider McDonalds cuisine superior to the best, pay to partake in the excitement of drinking sugar water, and consistently outvote those capable of intelligent judgment.

Efforts were sabotaged by exposure to prole thinking and values taught by marketing, entertainment, and popularism, so those who insisted on positive outcomes were forced to exclude proles and separate from them.

No matter their class or education, they will center every discussion around entertainment products and bad decisions, burying all significance with transitory utterances divorced from culture and ideas, consequently divorcing everyone from culture, leaving a wasteland of inferior products, pointless garbage, non-efforts, and trivialities.

Thus we attack and ignore, unyielding and fervent though we watch others fall in droves.

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