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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 19, 2014

Exam Administration

The purpose of a test is to measure fitness to make a determination, not to inform the test taker. Neither do you care for their reaction and defense mechanisms, provoking a sudden interest in faking concern for the necessary in a mad scramble for a few token efforts that appear to "prove" newly established long-term tendencies.

To measure inherent characteristics, a random sample provides an accurate inspection. Giving notice promotes misrepresentation.

What will the future hold? More of the same tendencies demonstrated over the last decade. Send in UN inspectors for an unannounced survey of the scene and rummage historical files. Someone who makes an effort to eat cupcakes has obesity waiting around the corner, even if the corner is 10 or 20 years away. Similarly, someone who enjoys regular vigorous exercise will yield the mental and physical benefits for many decades.

When you announce a measurement will be taken, from which a judgment will be determined, anyone can fake behavior for the duration of the observation. When the measurement ceases, so too will the staged behavior.

Someone wants to make a change will have already done so. That they haven't means they don't care to, and if you try to make them care, they will resist and respond with resentment.

They either effortlessly pass or fail a test assessing their long-term attributes. You don't have to explain why, and if you do, you'll only get drama, explanations, and other useless fraud.

Will they face reality head first? Or bow out with justifications? It will be the same as ever, unchanged.

Say nothing, and act on the outcome. The future is just an extrapolation of the past.

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