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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 8, 2014

Uncreative Patterns

Words aren't needed, advice neither. You can try to point out a harmful pattern of behavior to someone and recommend healthy alternatives, even frameworks for measuring alternatives, only to find they are already aware and agree, yet repeat their small suicides out of comfort, regularity, and ingrained need, creating false expectations and explanations to justify the destructive path they have chosen yet again.

They don't lack intelligence or ability to reason. In fact, their full mental powers are commandeered as weapons to fight against sanity in favor of bad outcomes. Their problems result from a refusal to realistically measure the current situation and its probable outcome, substituting magical thinking in its place.

In a pattern, your outcome will be much like all previous ones.

If you entered a pattern, it was because the cues drew you in, as they have each time prior. If you want to understand a trauma, examine the cues that attract, i.e. the problem you are trying to solve.

Your pattern has a few variables, but you are the constant.

Each time you chase the same thing, have lied to yourself about the qualities of the pattern, inverting good and bad, imagining what isn't there, turning a blind eye to defecating elephants snuggled next to you, and constructing a complex farce you have convinced yourself should be taken seriously.

The mental patient knows all of this, yet repeats the pattern anyway, out of damage and need.

No one can blame us for stepping away from a scheduled cycle of train wrecks.

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