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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 29, 2013

Can Do, Will Do

Complaints and whining are unattractive. On that basis alone they may be abolished. Their opposite is unrelenting determination and stoic honor in accomplishing the essential. It takes focus and exertion, soon forgotten and replenished, while the task and goal remains attained.

Non-trivial achievements require some effort. Diverse approaches with known outcomes can be chosen.

  • Give up with clever excuses. Everything is impossible, and we should pretend no one else is able to succeed, then blame and accuse the successful. Endless explanations for failure are almost believable, expending their effort on mental gymnastics to justify and affirm negative outcomes instead of actualizing positive results.
  • Perform the work half-heartily with a grudge and negativity, sabotaging oneself from the possibility of ever reaching the end. Sitting on the fence is the most painful and expensive position, neither taking the soothing opiates of excuses nor powering through difficulties to win victory.
  • From the start cheerfully stepping through and completing what you've already decided is desirable, loving the opportunity to create the world you wish for, like a god begetting all things in his own image of perfection.

We are always in darkness, needing our light and exploration to make sense of what is around us and graspable. Declaring the navigation of this maze of shadows hard and then quitting because no one will tell us every answer is not a pragmatic solution. Instead, those who are curious and want answers begin exploring and gradually determine the landscape and its contours to assemble a picture of the world and its potentials. You must figure things out for yourself and perform the needed labor, and in doing so you become a fierce unstoppable force made equal to any challenge.

This mindset makes everything possible, and soon there is little point to most conversation, an idle foreplay remaining safely distanced and theoretical. We need only take action to fulfill each potential already recognized.

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