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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 25, 2013


Some of us do well alone, better than if forced to be around others. Our direction is clear. We know our value and what we need to do for at least the next 500 years, perpetually triaging so the essential receives our attention.

We are happy to not be involved and remain unneeded, not squander even our consciousness or senses on the extraneous. Life is simple -- we honor it by pursuing only what is ours.

"A strong nature feels itself brought into the world for its own development, and not for the approbation of the public."
This nature is commonly misunderstood. The oversocialized often take it as a personal reflection on them, or a critical attack. We take no such interest and accuse no one. Our pragmatic instinct has existed from birth and displays itself prominently in childhood, unbroken by socialization, never falling into crippled contradiction.

What is it only we can do? It may not have value to others, and we don't believe we are saving the world (or that the world needs saving) but can take the form of a quality prank call, an argument no one else has offered, or a funny speech that warms the room after a barrage of formulaic babble.

It isn't introversion. We are gregarious when among the right group, withdrawn and silent if the group is a bore. Many of us are familiar with stages and podiums, enjoying the elicitation of laughter from a large audience or performing a song worth hearing. Complex theories to explain provisionality are clever ways to wrongly understand a simple disposition.

We measure value, meaning, and future outcomes. Accordingly, we reject proposals based on hope and other sleights of hand.

We assume we have only ourselves, thus self-impose high standards. What others do is neither in our powers to control, nor of any particular concern. Perhaps our goals and purpose overlap for a while and we can work together for mutual gain. Perhaps we ask similar questions in search for answers. Perhaps we can go far and should. These are not objections.

We go on our way, and others are welcome as well.

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