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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 2, 2013

Smart Phone Birth Control

Cell phones are for the thoughtless and purposeless The third wheel interloper is the smart phone. Adopting progress means allowing this jealous peeping Tom and idle gossiper to interrupt at any time for the most trivial reasons. Intrusions not just tolerated, but now de rigueur, the overthrow of taste and decency in exchange for receiving the neurotic fragmented ejaculations of the lost, confused, and directionless.

Private moments are prevented. You can't have a couples night out. You can't even have intimate evenings, mornings, or restful sleep. Days are redirected from goals to reactions. The bored babbling fat friends must cut in with their purposeless drama at all moments, and though there is never a payoff, idiotic texts arrive at all hours. If attention is paid to the phone, everything real dies.

How could you have a conversation with someone when you know it will be immediately interrupted by vapid third-party chatter? You move on, only to experience the same or find her nerding out for attention with a photoshopped picture or vague self-promotion seeking affirmation that she has not yet rotted on the vine. There is a problem, and the uninvested insincere affirmation of a crowd will not help identify or correct it, but only leads further towards disaster, the real answer being socially prohibited as sanctioned malfeasance. Enjoy the false soothing explanations, the only ones still allowed.

You're not getting pregnant so long as you're attached to that phone. If some guy is able to tolerate you for the night, you're still too habitual to support a relationship, or at least intimacy. It could be otherwise if you ignored the phone and focused on life, but most don't.

Sterility through technology is an innovative renunciation of not just sexuality, but humanity, passion, health, intention, and joy.

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