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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 13, 2013


They coined the phrase "perception is reality" and set about their work to control perception, admitting not only a single purpose for their propagandistic vision, but total disregard for any semblance of actuality.

Older nations that have not progressed to using new terminology for age-old concepts remain anchored in a classical understanding of what things are, rather than adopting newly ascribed values from political and social beliefs. This reluctance to discard knowledge in favor of neologisms is often reported as troubling and problematic by social engineers who want to redefine reality contrary to its plainly evident substance and relations that have been observed for generations. They would rather present a new fantasy-based reality, created by the way you imagine things should be, contrary to nature and rationality, and will use any means to force you to believe it, defend it against analysis, internalize its beliefs, repeat its mantras, and attempt to view the world through its twisted lenses as if they were normal or good.

If an idea is expressed that is contrary to this programming, the loyal listener declares concern for the danger a communicated idea might cause, usually feigned belief in imminent violence and destruction (though there are few or no cases of this reaction). Given that concern, the next logical request is violent imposition of censorship and the firm punishment of the communicator. After all, who wants this guaranteed eruption of violence in their neighborhood when an improper idea breaches decorum and inevitably a righteous outburst of mayhem is compelled to follow?

Alternatively, one claims offense and insists his innocence has been violated by an idea he has never heard before and now the harm done to his chaste soul and mind cannot be restored. All good people agree such a wicked idea must be stopped from spreading further and therefore its speaker silenced, fired from his job, excluded from the community, and his freedom removed so no one else is put at risk of being offended. That the idea expressed is true, presents superior outcomes, is rationally reached from currently permitted truths, and is obvious and observable daily is not a positive defense.

This noise, like all victimhood, is a sham ritual of pretend outrage deserving of ridicule, not tolerance. We will always stand behind all honestly reached ideas they wish to censor and replace with fraud, sacrosanct ideology, fashionable beliefs, and baseless speculation.

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