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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 1, 2013

Theologically Fair

God, as the German Christian balancer of cosmic justice, is said to govern the entire universe, but does not interfere with the affairs of animals. Consequently, some animals prosper, eat well, and procreate their lineage onward while others struggle and are eaten. Here nature reigns untouched, free of God's rewards or penalties for its actions.

Each animal is unique and unequal, some larger, smarter, stronger, while others are so limited in ability as to seem only intended as food for predators. The German Christian God judiciously abstains from penetrating into nature, neither judging it nor imposing equality on animals.

Left alone, animals create their own society of relations based on their pure ability to attain advantageous results, using every means and tactic available. Anything that can be taken will be. Any creature unable to defend incursion will be incurred upon.

Humans imagine they are not animals, but this seems false when we notice that God does not interfere with their affairs either, even as they flee nature and advocate its contravention. Just as we see in the case of animals, God deliberately makes some humans ugly, stupid, and unhealthy, rather than easily making them equal or excellent as is within his infinitely powerful ability. This is of course changed one day in Heaven and they are made equal after they are dead, a gracious deed of magnanimity.

Believers say God works in mysterious ways no one will every understand or observe, yet through their speculation and psychological needs claim they are able to gain a clear notion of what He does and doesn't do, and thereby surmise how the universe is arranged, which perfectly matches how they would like it to be.

We should be thankful to nature if we do not reach the same conclusion.

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