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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 26, 2013

Appearance versus Substance

lie to my face, make up something good Love is the most treacherous, unforgiving art. In a fleeting instant, you can ruin the greatest possibility or create the sweetest eternal memory. You are always carrying the sharpest knife and must cut precisely.

Women attempt to allure using regimens of makeup and clothes, as if they will only be judged in dark light from a distance by someone with poor vision. Let's assume things are going well. When the push-up bra comes off and every concealing cover comes bare, their true level of fitness and health will be plainly revealed. The discovery of a false lure and misrepresentation of what can't be delivered ensures a lashing sting of disappointment.

The body will be attractive if put to use, as limbs and muscles are intended to be. A face will be naturally attractive as it reflects eating habits, exercise, and fresh air from time spent outdoors.

Why fake it when you could make it for less effort? Spending hours on makeup and outfits that provide false temporary appearance is overly complicated compensation for avoiding exercise and the sensible eating that attains lasting results.

For far less time that putting on appearances for going out in public, they could have firm breasts, a lean stomach accentuating feminine hips, and a world class derriere that even a burqa can't hide. Starting from average, it takes only a few months to get into excellent condition and change your life. At first it might seem hard to give up sugar, junk food, and binge drinking, but it's an easy trade for fitness, mental clarity, increased energy, a positive outlook on the ease of achievement, and always looking incredible.

After being made beautiful by natural means, they become free from having to rely on outfits and facepaint to disguise what they really are, and will probably see such approaches as ridiculous. Investing 30 minutes in themselves a few times a week and choosing reasonable food provides excellent health, a better quality of life, and the simplicity of looking gorgeous in the plainest outfits.

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