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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 25, 2013

No Narratives

The urge to tell a story invents imaginary facts and relations while injecting political justifications that twist reality into an unrecognizable mess. Easy access and "education" about narratives provokes dishonorable people who are unable to leave things alone, spurring them to promote new fictions in an eagerness to revenge society by defiling the healthy and well-formed. This lashing out becomes a quest to spread filth and graffiti the world as ugly as their wrecked souls.

Narratives and public dialogues are a dead end because they start with a conclusion that excludes truth, vociferously repeating an anchor of Disney fairy tales that celebrate childish fantasies. There is no space permitted for adults, and this monologue serves only to normalize infantile ideas. This approach eventually ends by "proving" the conclusion from which they began their investigation, and then self-appointed experts then parade this proof around and teach it to innocent children who haven't seen this trick before.

Because only one idea was permitted from the beginning, or sometimes two that are minor versions of the same, no ground will be explored and only the assumptions of those who hold those views get airing without the slightest consideration of their consequences, alternatives, or superior approaches used successfully in the past. After much hot air and no evaluation, the advocates affirm the position they held before their clever sleight of hand trick.

There will never be honest public discussions when people are required to profess obedience and allegiance to popular cliches and the wisdom of a mass with average intelligence and minimal exposure to the best ideas of civilization, limiting socially approved conversation to be no better than repeating scripts, under penalty of being fired if they spontaneously break away and speak a forbidden truth.

Under this system of discourse, only the independently wealthy retain freedom of speech and freedom from fraud. Everyone else gets baby babble and is required to praise it as enlightened, though no one who has ever thought about it actually believes a single bit of these false ideas they must profess to believe in public. Worse, they know the ideas they praise are wrong and harmful, but see what happens to those who question them or point out their flaws. They calculate it isn't worth it to resist, and is personally harmless to profess agreement to foolishness and lies. Collectively, this places additional pressure on others to conform to this public dishonesty, and further empowers lies as the norm.

Social flamboyance of good intentions results in the masses repeating palaver, preventing essential honest and thoughtful discussions. This public space is occupied, the need to have discussion checked off as complete, and yet what is necessary has not even been approached because it is prohibited because of the need to perpetuate new lies that have a vested interest in preventing critical evaluation that will reveal their bankruptcy.

The narrative is a framework for fraud and should be dismantled.

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