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  August 21, 2013

Every Opinion Equal

A: Your opinion is ignorant!
B: Why do you say that?
A: It doesn't match popular beliefs that are praised in public as ideal.
B: What if the masses are ignorant, deluded, irrational, or wrong?
A: I suppose that is possible but our standard is democratic. Public sentiment alone determines what we call truth.
B: Often the wise and aware are a minority, with the mass showing no interest in truth or facts, preferring instead excuses, posturing, and flattery.
A: Of course you would try to undermine democracy with intellectual elitism. You need to be educated better.
B: I am well educated on the topic which is why I disagree with the babbles of a thoughtless mob.
A: It would be better if you respected their opinion as equal to yours, and a valid expression to be considered on fair footing with an open mind.
B: Perhaps a well-tuned mind familiar with the facts of an issue would be better at rendering a sensible opinion than a random assessment that hasn't even bothered to gain a basic understanding.
A: The public will not stand for being marginalized or called incorrect.
B: I am not enough of a politician to praise shallow opinions.
A: Nor would any mob elect you when you call them wrong and take away their power. You would do better to agree with them and use their force to achieve your own beneficial goals.
B: Promoting foolishness is an intellectual form of violence and I will always fight against such approaches.

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