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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 29, 2013

Politically Correct

As soon as crusaders invaded and began forcing "truth" by fire and sword, the game was over. To control belief had became reduced to mere technique, and an occupying army was easily able to require the population to swear allegiance to the God of Abraham, even if they had never heard of it and had no reason other than the threat of death to forsake their culture and beliefs for this foreign god.

Rationality or explanation never enters the equation. The God of Enlightenment is forced upon everyone as the One True God for your own good, while your nation's resources are entrusted and sold for gain. Refuse this gift and you will be killed.

Political correctness is a slightly different untruth propped up by threats and force. It assumes itself correct, and all other possibilities incorrect, not even worth considering because it alone is morally and factually right, and this cannot be debated, examined, or asked for an explanation because expressing skepticism is an admission that you are a close-minded fascist whose family should be reeducated or efficiently murdered in their sleep.

All that has been known as true since the first moments of nature must be denied and called a lie, to be replaced with a phony history, ridiculous flat relations of creatures, fictitious notions about society and civilization, and a cult spirit that praises the ingredients of decline as somehow forming a better result by lowering quality, focus, purpose, and ability. It has nothing to show for its efforts but failure, always saying it needs complete domination before it will reward all by finally unveiling a majestic new world.

The obviously false must celebrated as the new truth, compelling all to become cheerful liars. What brings unity and order is hated and undermined; what destroys and renders worthless is praised as increased strength. Destruction is called progress and made into a subtle goal, envisioning everything successful and well-formed as an enemy scheming against the holy transgressive purpose of ruining what they are not and cannot be. Jealousy fuels the desire to wreck what others create and enjoy, with total revenge the end game which they hope to reach by ending civilization and all human potential.

On faith alone, you must trust that these new teachings exists to save your soul and rescue the world from sentient considerations, though they defy all observable facts and refuse to engage in any rational consideration of their implications.

With rationality made off limits, we will instead know them from their movement's long and repetitive history of fraud, deceit, death, degradation, poverty, and destruction -- and the transparent psychological motives that reveal broken souls.

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