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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 18, 2013

Qualification and Disqualification

For an unmarried man, dating is measured the same way as everything else: what have you done for me lately. What was once is forever gone. What are you able and likely to do? For if we are to be together, you too must be active, not rest in recollection or evasion of potential.

To begin a relationship, he must first be interested. Even in cities, young women defy ugly architecture and a crowded busy landscape of pollution by putting on tights for morning jogs, striving to make themselves more interesting in a competitive environment where having nothing often makes richer than having something you don't want.

Once she has captured your interest and you have become a couple, this match is instantly imperiled if she shows inadequate fitness for a long term pairing. There are so many tells that the future won't go well: poor eating habits, messiness, unfemininity, sloppy hygiene, unconcern for exercise, bouts of boredom, frustrated will, unappreciativeness, limited curiosity -- all promises of impending and lasting misery from deliberate bad choices and low standards. The calm joy of your home will be wrecked by laziness, complacency, weariness, and passive aggressive sabotage.

Your laurels are so pretty to rest upon! You were once passionate and interesting, and a few times exerted effort. Contrast leaps undeniably from unwitting revelation in stories of old. Nothing happens from doing nothing, and avoidance is self-deception that murders our short and precious time. Who would form an alliance with someone who only has tales of old glory?

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