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  January 25, 2013

Sugar is Toxic

Though my free eBook Health and Weight Loss: The Ultimate Diet Plan is triumphantly simple and focused, some people need more structure in their eating and exercise routines.

Dr. Robert Lustig's latest book, Fat Chance - Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease offers a few more details beyond my famous diet framework.

  • Avoid sugar, especially juices and soda, unless you want to be obese and diabetic
  • Don't eat fast food or processed/preserved food
  • Eat fresh food that will spoil soon
  • Eat normal sized portions
  • Eat what your grandparents ate
  • Exercise

Modern society is insane and sickly, so mentally we must reconstruct the world of our grandparents and live as they would. Everything else is error and frivolity. This refuge will be harder to reach in another generation when youth will not have ever known people from that era, and they will not understand what sane people would do and why, or what health and sensibility mean.

In case you missed Dr. Lustig's video about sugar, it suggests science and society will soon recognize sugar as a toxin, changing the way it has been added into everything over the last 50 years, coinciding with a massive increase in obesity and diabetes.

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