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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 19, 2013

Eugenics Everywhere

Though too taboo to discuss in mixed company or universities, there are secret pockets in all societies where the best is shielded, preserved, cultivated, and propagated.

Covert elites with enough wisdom to focus on only the highest quality resources have to also hide those and their value from the masses to minimize the greed and envy that would result if flaunted in public.

But one has to give something to appease the material hungry crowd. Bribes short-circuit awareness and stall arguments, and giving makes one appear gracious, even if offering only junk tokens.

Instead of well prepared food, they give the masses fast food, junk food, and convenient food. Instead of health, the public gets healthcare after irresponsibly wrecking themselves sick. Instead of good art to inspire, they consume entertainment products to take up their time. Instead of an orderly life, they have the thrill of disorder. Instead of having goals, the masses dizzily spin with the freedom of purposelessness.

It is politically difficult to show favoritism toward the best while neglecting the inferior, especially when the inferior is widespread and excellence is not even vaguely understood by the public except in the prices others are willing to pay. Though the masses don't know what the fuss is about, they sense that others care, making it the duty of the aware to keep the crowd from gathering and pillaging.

Telling someone something they can't sense will not cause them to grasp it.

The good that was once desirable by all sensible people is quietly swapped out and replaced with junk, then tolerated, normalized, and promoted, yet the good remains separately maintained and sheltered from destruction and mass consumption. Great books, art, and high quality people continue to exist, but few ever encounter or pay them any attention, so greatness remains out of sight, undiscussed, and unfamiliar.

What was once normal is driven underground. It resurfaces not from instinct, as instinct has been beaten out and its native climate made alien, but only for the lure of money, the previous standard existing only as a re-creation and approximate imitation of the past. It is recognized as superior, yet has been severed from mainstream culture through pressure to equalize. We have put inferior gestures in its place, and pay actors to perform roles that partially reanimate it, yet we are not permitted to let it loose to thrive in nature.

If only we could have honest discussion, fair valuation, and rational treatment of our rare treasures, we could expand the domain of the superior to revive civilization with the best once again considered our standard. Instead, we have to take effort to guard against personal interests that would selfishly destroy our highest creations in order to make things more equal.

With idealistic possibilities taken away, selfless aristocratic spirits offer sanctum in the shadows so those who need access to our greatest valuables will in time find them, protecting them from being entirely obliterated by the mob.

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