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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 12, 2013

We Fight Liars, Frauds, and Useful Idiots

Defiantly unmodern, we discarded noise and distraction in favor of calm and clarity.

We surveyed broadly to measure what mattered, innocently sampling rare delicacies along with poisons both popular and well esteemed. We wanted more; consequently we reduced to less. In this quietude, our ears heard everything, the treacherous and discordant undeniable in their naked squawking.

We became mental health specialists and librarians, diagnosing faulty constructs needing rehabilitation and directing the ignorant and miseducated to valuable sources of knowledge. Whether they were psychologically broken, suggestible simpletons, or tired souls beaten into conformity by propaganda, our winning method was to directly confront the harbored error to force a confrontation with reality.

"All people are equal" yelled the disturbed college student. "It's true because my alcoholic professor lectured us on it in Tolerance Studies class. We should tolerate everything, even if it creates a society no one wants, or else we are using privilege to judge with critical thinking."

The observing practitioner wrote out diagnostic notes as quickly as the screaming tantrum flowed.

"We have to be more indiscriminately accepting of dystopia and more obedient, for we are told this is progress and should create more of it! Everyone must agree and pledge an oath of duty to these crazy beliefs or else they are hateful ignorant bigots!"

Surely this mindless regurgitation was worthy of top marks in the modern classroom, but more importantly showed the urgent need to provide rapid treatment.

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