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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 22, 2012

You're a Superstar

Sweet flattery was all that was left after we banned reality. Critical comments were prohibited because they hurt feelings and had a nasty habit of mentioning truths we wish to deny and conceal, savagely exposing precious ideologies and doctrines as false. We made up lies and created an environment that demanded these be repeated as articles of faith and enlightenment, smothering honesty for the cohesive sake of affirmed collective delusion.

We built a grand monument for egalitarianism. Everyone was special and above average, part of the greatest people ever, and yet the culture was too barren to produce anything outlasting disposable distraction. This foundation of fraud offers a promise of eventual relief, for thorough rot grows increasingly exposed until it tears itself asunder.

Our schools taught that success was promised for showing up, a partial truth because many people were too depressed, overdrugged, and burnt out to even bother showing up, and the basic functions of society had to be filled by someone even if it was a low ability skeleton crew unable to do what was easy for previous generations. But if a few people showed up who had put themselves together with a little discipline, were born with talent, and had worked to develop their gifts -- the rest would be impossibly outclassed, yet lazily expected to be praised as exceptional for existing.

They preached an unfocused random love for everything as disguised praise for mediocrity. Just as utilitarianism proposes to please the greatest mass by blindly appealing to their whims, its sister egalitarianism opposes aspiration, considered judgment, and all aspects of quality, seeking the largest number of average instances possible rather than the finest and most developed examples. It is a loser's mentality that believes it could never reach the best, so denies that greatness is attainable, despite all historical examples, and counter proposes a non-aspirational approach in its place.

Settling for mediocrity is quickly debunked by looking at plentiful examples of what others have done. It remains within human potential to achieve great creations and reach great heights in all areas, but merely showing up isn't a laudatory act so long as others are steadily working toward and achieving results. You'd have to poison their spirits by praising the inane in place of the excellent, and urge them to drop out for hedonism instead of living in pursuit of high goals, tastes, and standards.

Those seeking tolerance for degradation and a trophy for being marked present should be laughed out of every crowd for their sham and gall.

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