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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 1, 2012

Deny Unto Denial

His life LACKS ORDER but he claims that is a life of pleasure (561 d) Reality is oppressive because it forcibly demonstrates facts instead of yielding to our wishes. People hate it because it doesn't let anyone off the hook when they're wrong. How does one easily explain they didn't understand reality or undertake much consideration of their assumptions and goals because they were swayed to hastily conform to trendy beliefs?

Undisciplined humans are innately irrational and have cleverly invented many ways out of having to accept reality. We can create fictional worlds and talk about the "way things should be", arguing in favor of these imaginary relations while casting blame on people stuck in reality.

Come join us in make believe land!

  • Everyone is equal in ability. Everyone is born healthy, smart, beautiful, tall, and talented. You are only less than that because of secret conspiracies against you by greedy successful people intent on keeping you down. This will be remedied by government intervention and reward in heaven.

  • Quality is not important or worth studying because we should consider all possibilities instead of merely selecting what is known to be best. What we call knowledge is just opinion, and perhaps there are many true opinions held by underdogs we can champion. The modern and disposable lacks substance but is new and appeals to more people than timeless works and eternal truths.

  • Ideas, structures, and policies that sound good but don't work would actually be the best ever, but are being undermined by secret conspiracies and naysayers who point out they are incoherent, baseless, and irrational. This can be remedied by educational indoctrination, witch-hunts, censorship of critical analysis, revenge against people expressing unpopular viewpoints, getting people fired from their jobs, and promoting the new viewpoint as youthful, positive, and trendy. If enough people profess belief, they will become true and binding.

  • History tells us something, which we will only selectively accept, but we shouldn't believe in patterns because our slight rearrangement of the same thing combined with our good intentions will surely produce an entirely different outcome. We are comfortable discarding history, including the structures and relationships that provided the best results. We are likely to get even better results by trying something untested with no basis for expecting positive outcomes, except that we hope to get them because of magic, hope, and love.

  • Everyone has to change to accommodate what we want, even if there is no reason and at least a modest loss is guaranteed for them. We are creating progress by making things worse and increasingly dysfunctional, eroding the core of civilization for the benefit of having our beliefs dominate everyone's lives. They must tolerate what we impose upon them. You will thank us one day because we wrecked everything that was once good and gave you shambles for not speaking out or resisting.

  • What happens in the real world is not important because we are interested in higher goals, such as the unreal world, imaginary world, and promised world. We know we are right, though mere mortals will never be able to see or know it, but we are sure because we are doing the work of the sacred and holy, which is also why we should not be questioned. Those who question are blasphemers and ignorant savages needing more education and obedience.

  • Nature and the lessons of history need to be tampered with, but you cannot judge what we do because we are special people exempt from criticism. We need no evidence, theory, data, or analysis, and should be praised as generous geniuses despite the harm of our actions.

These are a good starting point for justifying irrational actions against your fellow citizens who are too simple and uneducated to understand why their societies should be wrecked for the sake of maintaining delusions and illogical beliefs.

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